This will be my first contribution to the Aware Observer section of the site. I’m not big on predictions so I would never go there. But It is fun to keep an eye on the continuing predictive programming that you see in main stream Television “Programming’.

They don’t call it ” Programming” for nothing , yet that’s exactly what it is and most people never think about it. They say things like, I’m gonna go watch my “Program” , and they grab a beer and off they go to be, Programmed.

Well I do admit to a bit of programming from time to time ,and if for nothing else just to see the in your face manipulation that goes on while watching the Boob Tube.

For example when the large earth quake happen in Virgina recently , and I heard reports that shaking was felt in Washington and that even the Washington Monument was damaged.

I immediately thought of a recent Boob Tube series called “The Event” where the Aliens that look exactly like we do , but were here before us , and consider Earth to be their home , and not ours blah blah …sound familiar.
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