Awake Soldier

This an excellent  video from 2009 documenting the complete insanity known as  war on this planet. War is simply a tool used by the power elite for profit and control and manipulation. In this video Mike Prysner comes back from his tour of duty not as a proud American for serving his country , but ashamed that he was duped into believing the lies that his government told him.

Listening to his passionate speech is incredibly inspiring because this is a former combat veteran that has awakened to the madness and has laid down his arms. And that is the only way we will ever eliminate  war on this planet is one soldier at a time. When no one is willing to pickup a gun and go to war for the Governments / Mega Corporations ,and only then will there be no more wars.

As long as men are willing to go into battle for a paycheck , then we will always have war, and unfortunately as of this article in spring 2011 there seems to be no shortage of such men. As Mike said is his speech , the poor people of our nation are shipped over seas to kill the poor people of other nations for the profit of the Uber  Elite Class, simple as that. This is War Unveiled.

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