So here is where things get interesting when talking about “being the change” and not waiting for the world to change.  There is a growing community of us that are awakening or re remembering the fractal nature of all that is.

So I will share with you a  bit about what that means to me , my perspective on this concept, and how it impacts my sate of being, as a fractal of all that is.

Remember being told or telling someone ” The universe doesn’t revolve around you!  Well in a way it does actually, in a way each of us are a separate universe.

The idea is that when we say infinite consciousnesses , we mean infinite , meaning no limitation , we are so loved , we exist within such infinite abundance , that ” All Things ” are allowed expression.

So there is no way that one ” Version ” of  “you”  could explore all the potentiality that exists, the same holds true with  “Versions” of Earth , the Galaxy , the Universe and so on , and its all happening in the moment , right now , simultaneously.

This is the level of manifestation we are dealing with , its beyond our minds to comprehend , but our hearts have no problem with it.

So lets keep this local , and examine earth , society,  the human race. Lets say for example that there are  infinite versions of earth , playing out every conceivable probability , possibility , in infinite combinations.

For Example  dramas play out so that  we can experience what its like to destroy our  collective civilization , in some versions we reach a golden age of enlightenment , others we experience catastrophic earth changes and so on and so forth you get the idea , basically a Global soap opera that plays out all possibility .

Now for everyone of these versions of earth , you have a probable self that goes along for the ride, playing out all its potential,  so you can see what it is like as a Human Being on space ship earth in all its variations.

And of course earth is a being , the sun is a being , the galaxy  is a being , the universe  is a being , the multi verse is a being . Everything is the “Being ” , God, All that is , what ever name you wan to give it , this is the macrocosm.

Now we as little human beings, we are experiencing the microcosm, so we can know what it’s like to be a personification of universe, we are how the cosmos can know itself.

Once you start to truly live  from this perspective you will start to see the benefits, the impact it will have on  your life, your experience , your state of being.

When you start “Knowing” from your heart center  , that by simply changing yourself, changing your vibrationally frequency , watching your definitions of things , you can start to shift very quickly to the versions of earth , to the versions of the relationships to the versions of experiences you would like to have.

You no longer waste energies trying to change people or outer circumstance ,  this is ultimately about taking responsibility , and surrendering to higher self and allowing all things to have expression , and not defining any of them as good or bad, they simply are what they are.

This is why the saying “it is what it is ” has become so popular in the collective consciousness as we all are beginning to unravel the nonsense of  polarized thought and move into a more unified state of being and accept the idea that all things are allowed.

So once you realize that you are infinite consciousness , and that there are versions of you  experiencing every conceivable experience that can be experienced in the multi verse , you no longer fear , lack of abundance , missed opportunities, no more worrying about accomplishments , becasue you simply “know” you are everything ,in a state of perfection.

And in this state of perfection , your daily physical life becomes the performance art of a truly awake “Infinite Being” playing in the playground of the universe , whether your cooking dinner, or going to work , what ever it is , mundane tasks can become joyous.

And if your not enthusiastic about what you are doing at the time , that’s simply a sign that your not following your highest joy, that you have strayed from the path you have chosen and its time to re align , to re adjust your self vibrationally , so that you shift to a version of reality that you are most in alignment with vibrationally.

In part 4 of  “I’m Not waiting for the world to change”  I will summarize my thoughts on these concepts , these ideas and share some techniques I am re-learning, on how to utilize this process in a practical day to day manner that will improve the quality of your experience in physical reality.

Bashar does a much better job articulating this concept , probably becasue he has been at it longer and exists in a state of consciousness that is more connected to source than most of us “Human Beings”. no worries though , we will all “Get There” if we so choose.

If your waiting on the world to change , don’t hold your breath.

As the demonstrators are  rounded up and arrested , as the main stream media does it best to spin the protestors as drug addicts and homeless criminals.

The world keeps on keeping on , the bankers are getting richer , the middle class is shrinking and the number of people at poverty level is sky rocketing around the world.

There is a lot of discussion in the awakening community about what people can do to help change the world.  So much of the populations energy goes into trying to fix the system.

Whats the difference , really,  between whats going on now and the revolution of  the 60’s, nothing , its the same process, the same story ,the 99%’s against the establishment , or what we call the ruling elite now circa 2013.

I’m not saying consciousness hasn’t changed , it has exponentially , but the world , not really.

Many of  us now  , becasue of our greater perspective , are starting to see the inherent trap associated with this type of thinking. Think about it what has really changed on this planet, as far as society is concerned.

We have more wars going on simultaneously  than ever before , wars that last longer than they ever did in the past. The politicians are infinitely more corrupt than they have ever been , nothing more than paid for puppets.

So what can you do , about any of it , this is a question and a subject that I talk about quite often.  The reason is of course that those of us that are sane , loving human beings with empathy want things to change outwardly for the better.

Again this is the trap , or perhaps a better word for it is distraction ,  this is the distraction for many who awaken to the madness. The idea that we can change the world , is quite literally the reason the world is the way it is.

Because the vast majority of people who are focused on changing the world outwardly have very little compassion , or empathy or humility.

I want to take the time to really define what it is that we can do , in these times of the Apocalypse , the unveiling .Of course as we have all heard before , the only thing we can really do , is Be The change .

So what does that really mean , Be the Change you want to see in the world as Gandhi so eloquently put it .

I can only share what is it means to me, or more aptly what is  being reveled to me more and more each day as I learn how  to Be the Change I want to see  in the world.

In part 2 of ” I’m not Waiting on the world to change” , I will explore deeply what I feel with my heart is my path. Perhaps some of it will resonate with you.


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