David Icke is one of the few who have bravely gone where most people simply don’t want to go, perhaps it’s too painful, or its basic denial.

Yes there is darkness , there is evil if you will , it is “All ” part of creation , and it takes many forms, its part of the polarity, the duality.

Without some level of Polarity , it would be difficult to even have an experience, so embrace it.

Raising your vibration , expanding your awareness , is about bringing more light into the darkness. Light being a metaphor for consciousness, or source energy.

As we allow more consciousness to be “Channeled” through into physicality, it is effectively shining more and more light on the darkness, so naturally as we grow in awareness we are going to see more of who we are collectively, the positive and the negative.

This is where voices like David Icke play a valuable role in our re awakening. David drags into the light all the disgusting garbage that has been festering in the corners of human consciousness for all the world to see. No its not the most pleasant  or popular part to play in this awakening and we thank him for the role he is playing in this cosmic experiment.

Subjects  like pedophilia , child sacrifice, child slavery , are not my first choice of topics to explore , and the vast majority of us cant even imagine the “State Of  Being”  where these atrocities take place, it doesn’t even seem human .

And this is the point David Icke is trying to make , it’s not ” Human” behavior, this is the basis of David’s life long work, and if you open your heart , and allow the heart to use it’s multi dimensional perspective to “Connect The Dots” , you are on the path to learning how to integrate the polarity , making it less polarized, more unified, which allows you to see the bigger picture .

As consciousness moves form 3D to 4D into the 5th dimension and beyond , one of the aspects of these shifts will be a lessening of polarity, there will still be some polarity , it just won’t be as extreme as what we experience here in physicality or life on earth.

And from this more expanded less polarized perspective, its not so “Scary” to look at.

Whether humanity has been manipulated or not is irrelevant to me , becasue from a greater perspective , we have all allowed or agreed to this collective experience and now we have simply re awakened and have the ability to rise above it , to change our course, this is the purpose of the Apocalypse.

When David Icke talks about how this non -human element , the reptilians, or Annunaki have genetically manipulated humans and created a biological energy source, we should not be afraid of looking at this as a possible reality.

We should not be afraid to look at the darkness, that is what we are here for , we are here to learn how to integrate the two opposing forces within the context of physicality.

The only way we can move on from here, is to follow the data “No Matter Where” it takes us, with out fear, with out judgment, with out filtering it through our belief systems.

Difficult, yes, impossible, no, we can do this,  we are doing this.  This is what is happening. We are approaching a point in our re awakening process , where we are understanding that to believe something , is in a sense simply a form of limitation.

Of course the paradox is that , we have to have some beliefs otherwise we could not have an “experience” at all. So the choice then becomes, what is it that we want to experience, and once we fully realize that our beliefs and our definitions determine what experiences we have , then we can really start to shift into high gear vibrationally.

As we do this collectively and individually, each of us will then have a “Choice” as to whether we want to be part of a reality where “beings” , or energies that are hell bent on manipulation and control can have a part in the collective at all.

And if we choose “NO”, then they will no longer find any fertile grounds and their paradigms will crumble and collapse , just like they are now doing all around us. They need us to even exist at all.

So take a listen to David Icke in his recent interview, and know that the only way we can eradicate the darkness that he talks about is to fully embrace it, take responsibility for it, drag it out in the light , share it with others when you can. We all know what happens to vampires that get dragged into the light !


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