Apocalypse How: The Middle Path

Now more than ever I am finding it more important to remain neutral, and follow the middle path as the great masters have always taught.

But what does it really mean ?  There is so much information out there that at times it can be absolutely mind boggling.

With the internet and its ability to access all the data , it can be a case of too much information if you approach it from just the mind.

The mind really is a terrible thing , just kidding , it is simply a tool , but it can become a universe with no seeming end when one dwells only from that perspective.

At times the heart will grow weary of all the mental hijinks that goes on in the cyber world.  So perhaps the middle path is divine love, free of the dualistic nature of this reality we have created.

So the middle path is where all things are allowed expression ,  its about inclusion .  It has to be otherwise it would be about the exclusion of everything.

The middle path is about realizing everything is perfect the way it is , its about surrender , letting go of what you think you know , and allowing …everything.

Because once you take a stand against something, in effect you are strengthening the polarity feed back matrix, that we find ourselves in.

And there in lies the trap of this reality. Which is why the masters taught the basic premise of  ” Walk the Middle Path” , you just let it go, you take it or leave it , bend like the sampling,  be like water and go with the flow.

All these metaphors that are telling us that this reality is an illusion , albeit a persistent one.

This concept , if we can call it that , is at the heart of the awakening , perhaps it is the awakening.  Simple as that , who said it has to be complicated , after all we are simply re-remembering what is already there.

I got started on this line line of thinking after watching a new video from Awaken As one. As I watched the video and listened to the message there was much to resonate with .

There was also a bit of contradiction as well , which is where the mind becomes over whelmed.  The mind got hung up on the fact that they were talking about the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st 2012, as the Sun aligns with the dark rift and the center of the galaxy.

I mean didn’t we just end the Mayan calendar on October 28th 2011 , or was that just Friday. Jeeeze I’m getting a head ache here .

Then the narrator of this production  went on and talked about false prophets and their false prophecies, and then went immediately into making  some  possible prophecies of the future , which really made my head spin.

Don’t get me wrong I really thought the video was well done , thought provoking and it did make the point of walking the middle path.

I am just wondering what would happen if we just turned off the internet . What then , with no asteroids, comets , economic collapse, manipulation of the human race by ET races, Illuminate Bloodlines , Ruling Elite , harp , chem trails, Nibiru …well you get the idea.

What would we be thinking about , think about it ,  you wake up one day and bam , nothing , no internet , just the world as you see it , but still awake as you are now.

The internet is teaching us to see the world from the perspective of infinite consciousnesses, and perhaps allowing ,surrendering and living in the moment is the best way to experience the journey , or the middle path.

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