Cliff High

Cliff High was one of the first voices I heard when I started my journey down the rabbit hole , and I have continued to listen to him and enjoy his work with the Web Bots ever since.

I don’t know what he looks like  and I was not able to find any images on the internet so I just posted the graphic from his web site Half Past Human so you can go there and check him out.

I really like Cliff’s work and his perspective in general on much of the subject matter , although some of the fear based , cataclysmic , end of the world material I’m not sure I resonate so well with. Again not because I am afraid of dying , that’s  just another program , but because I just don’t like giving my energy to predicting what is going to happen in the future.

We really only know what is actually “Happening” this moment , and what has happened , but no one really knows what is going to happen nor do I think we really need to. Living in the moment is the key , I believe , although the programs in place by the social engineers make it rather difficult to do so.

Never the less his work is fascinating and quite addictive and may be the reason many of us enjoy his Alta reports , that come out periodically. I wont get into what the Alta Reports are and how he goes about producing them I will leave that up to you explore and investigate , and of course come up with your own conclusions.

He  does have some great insights on the nature of reality , many of which make good sense to me , such as the “Expanding Earth ” concept which is one of my favorites and hes also a proponent of the Electric Universe theory.

Each of us have our own unique and valid way to express who and what we are , and Cliff’s work is part of this process we are all going through , and I appreciate and respect very much his contribution to the collective dialogue we are having about the nature of reality.

Below is a recent interview with Suzanne Toro where he does explain the process of the Web bots.

And here is Cliff High on Truth Frequency Radio.

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