Max Keiser

Max Keiser is definitely one of the most outspoken voices out there when it comes tearing apart the illusions of our completely corrupt and systemically diseased economic system that he so fondly coins as Rigged Market Capitalism!

Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the system is toast and anyone in business or thinking about going into business is at an incredible disadvantage when compared to the  Wall Street Gang  or the ever so powerful “To Big To Fail ” , must be nice to have no consequences .

Max  lets loose on his Keiser Report and tells it like it is in a entertaining yet informational style , kind of like stand up comedy and economics combined , which is probably while he is still alive considering the toes he steps on.

You know the very pinnacle of Banking Elite , like JP Morgan , Bank Of America , Goldman Sachs , Wells Fargo ,  the king pins of the pin stripe mafia that run our country and most of the western world for that matter.

Max’s latest campaign against the Boys at JP Morgan is of course “Crash JP Morgan” , well we haven’t quite crashed JP Morgan yet , not sure how you can crash a bank that can just print its own money, but silver continues to rise so keep up the good work Max!

Check out the Max Keiser store below !

Here is a recent Keiser Report where Max points out how the Drug lords are looking for ways to launder their money beside banks like Wachovia and are now using virtual money like in Farmville.

Here is Max on his Other Show “On The Edge” where he talks about the Growing Global Insurrection.

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