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Apocalypse Earth

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Cognitive Dissonance is on the rise these days and that is a very good thing , Cognitive Dissonance is a very good thing , it means things be changing , it’s a wake up call, an alarm clock , and you either deal with it , go into denial , or go a bit crazy, sound familiar ?

For those of us who travel the rabbit hole on a regular basis , cognitive dissonance is a welcome friend , in fact , those of us who love expansion and growth , we go looking for CD on a regular basis.

We really enjoy a good hit of  ” CD ”  from time to time , it means we are shifting , growing , expanding , out of our cocoon , into our fuller greater potential ,  it forces us to redefine, to reevaluate our beliefs , instead of trying to make reality fit outdated , limiting beliefs.

I find allowing my beliefs to be more malleable , more fluid ,is the ticket , yes we need to have beliefs, otherwise we could not even have experiences , you have to believe something to be true , otherwise universe cannot create the virtual reality experience.

Unfortunately many humans have very rigid belief systems , which  is a great way to stifle growth and expansion, which is of course the root to much of the conflict on this planet, people like their beliefs and they don’t want to change them , and of course many of the belief systems on this planet are manufactured to dis empower the populace as opposed to being of service .
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I want to take this time to redefine one of the more popular acronyms that gets used so much in todays main stream media , alternative media , movies , television , the news, conversations around the dinner table etc.

It is an acronym that by it’s very nature seems to empower those that have no real power at all , anyone who seeks power over others , has none , this is the very reason they must vampire, take power from , dis empower others , it’s to feed themselves , of course they are simply acting out of fear.

If you feel the need to be in control over other people , then you will make a poor leader, true leadership is never about control , it’s about empowerment, a true leader brings out the best in people by simply ” being ” , they create a template that others can  choose to follow , becasue doing so inspires and empowers them.

What the media  mistakenly calls “World Leaders” are at best simply bureaucrats and at worst , tyrants or bought and paid for puppets, who gladly will take any position that brings them fame , notoriety , or power over others.

That’s why it’s time to ” Redefine ” and make this acronym accurate , PTB  will no longer stand for the Powers That Be, it will stand for the ” Powerless That Be , this is a more accurate description for these types of individuals, lets quit feeding their egos , lets quit feeding the tape worm with source energy.
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Recently one of the “so called” world leaders finally made some sense while describing the actions of the other “so called” world leaders , the term he used was “Utter Nonsense” and for once , I felt like I had shifted to a version of reality , where people were starting to see the madness for what it is ” Nonsensical ” it makes no sense , no logic , insane , lacking in sanity .

The list of  “Utter Nonsense”  of Politics, Wars, Our Banking/ Financial Systems, Destruction of our planet through reckless greed and corruption is staggering , nearly unbelievable , incomprehensible for the sane person.

They say ” a sane man will appear insane in an insane world ” , well that pretty much sums it up , and I’m sure you have had the experience of trying to share with others on how the world really works and  got that look , the look that tells you , this person is still , deeply entrenched in the Consensus Reality , and your words are falling on deaf ears.

In fact in the beginning phases of a persons awakening , there is, at least for me , and I’m sure there are others that can relate to this  , you become the babbling , conspiracy nut , not that different than the person on the street , who is walking along , talking to themselves, waving their arms shouting  all manner of  obscenities and  insanities.
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As an aware observer it is fairly obvious to pick out the patterns that occur here in physicality , in this virtual reality system that appears digital in nature.

Without getting into specifics or details , I find it interesting to look at the 100 year period that stretches from 1913 -2013.

It appears we are at the end game of  a  long term plan by the so called power elite, you know the ones that run things, the owners,  we don’t really know their names , however they are sometimes referred to by some researchers as the 13 families, the bloodlines, see there is the number 13 again.

It appears that the number 13 is their calling card, their lucking number, which is probably why it has always been experienced  as our unlucky number , whats good for them is usually not good for the rest of us, you know the other  99%, the useless eaters as they supposedly call us.

Of course from a larger persepctive there is no us or them , however for the purpose of expansion, and awareness  we are zooming in here and looking at the game board , the players, the pieces and the individual squares, to get a better understanding of where we are right now , in this moment , and what we are dealing with.

Most of us are now aware that in 1913 the federal reserve was created on the famous Jekyll Island and from that point on all manner of control mechanisms have been implemented here in the United States as well as the rest of the world.
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Dont Believe Anything , Believe Everything !

Unity consciousness is about inclusion , not exclusion , its about allowing everything expression.

So, when someone asks me what do I believe, I might tell them I don’t believe anything , or I can tell them I believe everything, either way it doesn’t really “matter”.

A belief is in a sense a limitation , granted we have to have some kind of beliefs , otherwise we could not have an experience at all , however if you limit yourself to a small set of beliefs , then your experience will be limited as well.

So the idea here is not that beliefs are good or bad, those are polarized concepts , it’s about living form the persepctive that everything is possible , not anything , but everything.

Some of course some will say that , not everything is possible , I can’t jump off a cliff and fly like a bird, and that is true within a very small fraction of reality , what we call the physical universe.
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With all the shootings going on recently in the United State this year , the conspiracy mills have been shouting that the shootings are all staged so that the Powers That Be can use it as an excuse to disarm the American People.

So lets take a look at this from the perspective of the aware observer, the aware observer simply looks at the data , without any filtering , it simply  “is what it is”.

So the first question is , were the shootings staged ,  were the perpetrators , coerced, manipulated , aided by alphabet agencies as suggested by the alternative news agencies .

There does appear to be some red flags around the recent shootings which would lead one to believe that yes , things may not be what they seem.

However if the purpose of these staged events is to put pressure on the second amendment , all I have to say is the plan is a complete failure, like many of the plots to enslave humanity out there , eugenics for example , let see now , over 6 billion people on the planet, hmm…, not saying they aren’t trying , just saying that they are failing.

Ok conspiracy lovers, just looking at the facts here, keep reading, not debunking conspiracies, lets just get them right, yes there are conspiracies, however sometimes the conspiracy may be a case of reverse psychology, and here’s what I mean.
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I don’t believe in Santa Claus , the Easter Bunny or Politics. To me they are all the same , although at least the Easter Bunny is cute, and Santa Claus makes for good bedtime Stories, can’t really say that about politics.

The recent debacle regarding Rand Paul , Ron Paul’s prodigal son is not surprising in the least bit , nor the fact that Ron Paul himself has been completely brushed aside in the 2012 election cycle.

I know many were counting on the Pauls  and hoping they would come in and change the world , but as I have awakened over the last 4 years, and watched it all unfold , one thing is clear when it comes to Politics, its always the same tired old show.

It’s a puppet show , the Politicians of course have no real power, they are completely and utterly under the control of the hidden hand, behind the curtain.

The puppet is fed fiat currency which is created out of thin air , and in exchange they provide their services much like a prostitute , although most of them are not nearly as attractive, for the most part Washington DC is Hollywood for the esthetically challenged.
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