Apocalypse How: Revelations

In this short film from Awakening As One we examine the complexities of the awakening process and how seemingly good intentions may not be manifesting the intended result.

As many gurus and masters and new age leaders come along during this awakening process they gather large numbers of  souls with them in “their personal journey” towards re remembering the nature of reality.

Many of these false prophets with good intentions are helping to strengthen the polarities that are now occurring , as well as promoting outward action , perhaps before their followers have done the shadow work on themselves, the inner work.

All of which is perfectly fine in my opinion , and is  the message of this film , which makes the statement that everything is in a state of perfection , so why are they implying that these gurus , leaders and false prophets are doing anything , wrong per say.

Welcome to the show, so much seeming contradiction , confusion , exclusion , inclusion , it can make your head spin, which is why it may be time to listen with the heart, where all expression is allowed in the unified field , outside of polarity.

Don’t get me wrong , I really enjoyed the message behind Revelations , just watch and  listen to it with your heart , not your mind and the message will become clear that the world is truly sacred and can not be improved.

For the desire to improve or change the world , is simply a manifestation of our desire to change ourselves, remember there is no out there, the change must come from within, and by doing so we become vehicles for change in what we call physicality.

But only after we have surrendered to higher self, or the divine self , in surrendering we empower higher self or universe , to work through us , we or our ego , or personality has to get out of the way for real work to get done.

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