AH Guest Writer : An Intuitive Thinks about Transforming the Entertainment Media Part .2

Guest Article : By Penney Peirce

Leaving the Physical World, Where We Love Definition
As individuals, to allow, and invite, transformation, we must leave the physical world and enter the nonphysical world. We must recognize the nonphysical world, not as “the Void,” full of fear, or as an experience of the collective unconscious, but as a full, rich, vital, interconnected superconscious field teeming with every possible idea, ready for materialization, and freely given for the asking.

We must spend quality time in the nonphysical realms—though time as we know it doesn’t exist there. Language doesn’t exist there. This is the world of direct experience, immersion in the unified field, and saturation with life. This is the realm of telepathy, direct knowing, and high-vibrational “impressions.” We must learn to feel as at home there as we feel here in our skin, in our car, in our living room.

In effect, we must consciously act like quantum wavicles. Now I’m an individual personality in the particle-based reality; now I’m an unlimited being of pure consciousness-and-energy—a wave, a frequency—in an infinite sea of consciousness-and-energy. I constantly rock back and forth, creating and dissolving, involving and evolving, ever renewing myself.

I have two related, interconnected, mutually dependent identities and realities: soul and personality, unified field and physical locale. A colleague of mine, who’s developing computer software to help us learn to do this, calls this the “interface” and says we need to learn to make the “round trip.”

Leaving the Nonphysical World, Where We Love Love and Creative Evolutionary Flow Before we can influence the transformation of entertainment and media in the physical world, we must know its counterpart intimately in the nonphysical world. What is entertainment like in nonphysical reality?

What is communication like?  We must be saturated with that experience so fully that new forms emerge spontaneously from us without mental struggle, will power, or even intention. The new forms must flow through us like water, inspired and invited by a joyful attitude and sustained,appreciative attention.

We must also understand an important principle of interdimensional work: Change the inner blueprint (pattern in the nonphysical world) and the outer result (form in the physical world) changes instantly. This is more and more true as we realize we are living entirely in the present moment and the physical and nonphysical worlds are already merged and mutually sourcing.

So, to solve the seemingly serious problems in the physical world of the entertainment industry, we need to look at its nonphysical patterns and consciousness-and-energy underpinnings, which are based on fear beliefs.

The kind of greed that hog-ties creative genius, the mindless repetition of formulas for film and television that worked once in the past, the delivery of violence and intense adrenaline-producing stimuli that result in numbness and addiction—these are behaviors that come from people who are locked into the isolated world of the left brain, where motivation is about survival, control, and domination.

The kind of stories that make us sick mentally and emotionally, that are toxic to our souls, that exacerbate our tendency to destroy our planet and hurt each other—these are chosen by industry leaders who are uneducated about the transformation process underway on the planet, out of touch with their own heart and inner life, and avoiding a fear of the unknown.

The limited, biased business structure generated by these leaders is a form of censorship as insidious as that generated by conservative religions and dictatorial governments.

The Tyranny of the Left Brain and Ego An industry can be dysfunctional psychologically just as an individual can. In fact, the documentary, The Corporation, compares the behavior of psychopaths and corporations, and finds strong parallels, coming to the conclusion that corporations actually are psychopathic. Focus too much on the need for definition and security as an antidote to anxiety, and left-brain perception dominates. We become trapped by ego, which thinks it’s the boss of the world.

But the ego-left brain only sources itself from the past; it doesn’t allow the right brain—what I consider the present-moment doorway to the nonphysical worlds—to access intuitive insight that’s accurate in the here-and-now. The path to genius is blocked. Staying aligned with the planet’s increasing frequency and evolution is impossible.

We need to help change the inner blueprints of the entertainment industry and its leaders. But first we must change our own inner blueprint so we won’t be sucked into contracted, oppositional, conflict-oriented ways of framing problems and solving them—that’s old, left-brain, linear perception.

In stories, I learned at this meeting, the antagonist is an important driver of progress. The antagonist is the guardian of the gate, the symbol of the very thing we must heal or transform in ourselves. In this case, the antagonist is the collective of entertainment executives who make decisions based on limited perception and righteousness.

They sound so convincing! “We produce the kind of programming people want!” they say. They don’t say, “People want this kind of programming because we’ve fed them a steady diet of it. People want what we tell them to want.”

If we are to pass through the gate in the hero’s journey to succeed in shifting the kind of content people want and demand, we must shift from identifying ourselves as our left brain and ego, and stay out of fear-based, reactionary thinking. We must not think about what the negative outcomes might be if we don’t do something.

We must not think about “urgency” as though we are paramedics rushing to the rescue. Instead we can calmly identify ourselves as our soul and understand the universal principles of the way consciousness-and-energy actually functions. We can simply do what we feel like doing, what we are drawn toward doing, what feels good and right, for the pleasure of the creativity of it.

We must not resist or fight the “titans,” but eclipse them. By unplugging our attention from what’s so bad, we can create a reality that is perfectly aligned with the coming Intuition Age, and evolves along with the times. We can plug attention into the creations that stream through us and gather our collective energy into a magnetic core that radiates invitingly.

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