AH Guest Writer : What Do You Mean When You Use The Word “God”? Part 2


(Our Multi-Dimensional Universe and The Universal Laws)

Beverly Nadler, CH, CMT ©2013

In Part 1, we explored the concept of “God” as being both transcendent (separate from Its creations) and immanent (within all Its creations). We also looked at the relationship between God and energy.

In Part 2, we’ll be looking at our multi-dimensional Universe and the laws of energy and physics that govern our lives. Since there’s a description of each of the Universal Laws on this website, this article explains them from a different perspective. But first I have a question…

Do the following statements ever confuse or frustrate you?

“Everything is perfect just the way it is.” “There is no evil.” Life is wonderful.” God is taking care of you.” It’s all good.”

These statements and similar ones confused and frustrated me for years. After all, if you look at the world around you — at the pain and suffering, the life-threatening diseases and the huge cost of health care (really disease care), the chemicals and toxins in our food, water and air (a major reason for all the disease), millions of people on drugs, poverty, homelessness, murder, suicide, corporate corruption, political manipulation, terrorism, children massacred in their schools, children with cancer, natural disasters that kill or destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of people… and many other tragedies – don’t you find these statements “incongruous?”

I certainly did, and I was also puzzled by this one – “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Though my soul resonated with this quote of Jesuit priest, philosopher, and geologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, it didn’t help me understand “why” life is often so traumatic. In my search to understand, I discovered things I had not been aware of. As I share some of them with you in this article, you may also have new insights.

Our Multi-Dimensional Universe

In order for statements that tell us “everything is perfect, wonderful and good” to make sense, we must be aware of the fact that planet Earth and the 3rd dimension is not all that exists in this vast, endless Infinite Universe; there are many dimensions besides this one. Perhaps this is one of the esoteric meanings of “In My Father’s house are many mansions” (my Father means God).

Our human experiences take place on the 3rd dimension, which is governed by specific Universal Laws – one of which I am referencing now: The Law of Polarity. Sometimes called the “law of opposites” or “law of duality,” this law tells us that the human experience is destined to include good AND bad, positive AND negative, health AND disease, prosperity AND poverty, pleasure AND pain, love AND hate, peace AND war…and all the other opposites.

If we don’t know that this is a multi-dimensional Universe, ruled by Universal Laws — and we don’t know how these laws operate — it’s almost impossible not to be confused and frustrated by statements that tell us that everything is perfect, there is no evil, and we are always being taken care of, etc.

While the above is true in the “higher dimensions” where peace and unity reign, in the material world of the 3rd dimension everything is continually shifting and changing. And so many of the shifts and changes are unpleasant and undesired. It requires much knowledge, understanding and wisdom, plus an expanded Consciousness, in order to have a perspective that makes it possible for you to interpret what happens in the material world in a different way.

Expanded Consciousness refers to being able to “see beyond” the physical world, and become aware of, and believe, certain things that most people are not aware of and don’t believe. The things one would be aware of and believe include, and are not limited to, the following: The Universe is Infinite and multi-dimensional.

The Power we call God is both transcendent and immanent. We are each individualized aspects of the Consciousness that is in all Creation. One would also agree with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, whose complete quote is: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.“

We Are Multi-Dimensional Beings

Though I agree with de Chardin, I also believe that since our human experience takes place in a physical world, it is easier and more helpful to think of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The physical, emotional and mental are part of your humanity, or human “self,” living on the 3rd dimension. The spiritual is your “real” Self – your true essence that lives in the non-physical higher dimensions. It is the part of you that radiated its Light to create what we call the “soul” and your physical body. It is the part of you that does not die when you leave your physical body. Your physical body is the home or “temple” for your soul during your sojourn here on the 3rd dimension.

You use ALL of your multi-dimensions – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — during your human experience. You have behaviors and you take action; you gain knowledge, think and plan; you have feelings and emotions. And hopefully, you live your life in such a way that you “tune into” the messages from your “Self” and the spiritual dimension. (We call it intuition.)

In my opinion — and I am not alone in this — our biggest challenges are caused by our lack of knowledge of our true identity and the Universal Laws.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle, Greek philosopher

Self-Realization is the knowing – in body, mind and soul – that we are one with the omnipresence of God.” Paramahansa Yogananda, author *“Autobiography of a Yogi.” Energy Is and The Universal Laws Motivational and inspirational speakers and authors often say the positive life principles they teach are “laws.”

The Universal Laws I refer to are the laws of energy and physics that the Creator uses to govern this world. These laws are not arbitrary; they are essential to keeping order in the Universe. They cannot be broken, although we can feel “broken” when we come into conflict with them. These Laws are covered in detail in my books, “Vibrational Harmony” and “Loving the Game of Life,” and are described on this website.

The first law is simply “Energy Is.” From a scientific viewpoint, it means that everything that exists is a manifestation of energy. From a spiritual viewpoint, everything that exists is God. (For simplification, I am using the word “energy.”)

The Laws of Vibration, Relativity, Cause and Effect, Polarity, Rhythm and Gender are subsidiary to “Energy Is” and to the perpetual transmission and transmutation of radiant energy.

“The perpetual transmission and transmutation of radiant energy” means that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is always radiating and being transmitted through constant motion (vibration). While being transmitted, it is also being transferred. In addition, energy is in a continual state of transmutation (change). As it changes, it is going through transformation.

Confused? Following are examples so you can see how this works in everyday life.

Example #1: Two people are talking about something that is significant to both of them. Each one is transmitting energy through their words, emotions, body language, etc. They are also transferring energy back and forth between each other. As the conversation progresses, the energy of their words, emotions, body language, etc., impacts on both of them, causing a change (transmutation) in their mental energy (their thoughts and perceptions). As a result of their energy exchange, there is a shift (transformation) in their emotional state and in their relationship.

Example #2: A sick man seeks the services of a health practitioner. As would be expected, his physical energy is low and negative, as is his mental energy (his thoughts and feelings). The health practitioner knows she can help this man regain his health. She transmits positive energy to her patient, through the vibrations of her words, treatment and thoughts. He hears her positive words, responds to her positive treatment and, on a subconscious level, he picks up her positive thoughts.

Thus, the health practitioner transmitted and transferred positive energy to her patient, and his energy transmuted (changed) and his state of health transformed.

The Importance Of Knowledge

According to personal and spiritual growth teachings, we create our life with our mind. This is true, so it’s important to realize that our mind consists of more than our thoughts. While our thoughts play a major role in creating our life, there is obviously more involved.

If changing our life is as “simple” as changing our thoughts, there wouldn’t be millions of personal growth and self-help books, thousands of teachers, seminars, workshops, CDs, DVDs, etc., telling us how to improve any and every aspect of our lives. And if changing our thoughts is simple (which it isn’t), I would not have written several books, nor would I continue to research, write and teach so many subjects related to the eternal questions, “Who am I? Why am I here?” And especially this question… “How did I attract or create THAT?” (See article *“What Is Vibrational Harmony?”)

Albert Einstein, the man who is considered to have the most brilliant mind of the 20th century, said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He said that while knowledge is limited, with our unlimited imagination we can imagine (mentally “see” and create) what we want and bring it into manifestation. I love the fact that we can use both imagination and knowledge — because without knowledge, we may not even know how to use our imagination, or what to imagine.

In my opinion, trying to have a successful, fulfilling “human experience” without knowing your true identity and how your mind works, and without knowledge of the Universal Laws that govern us (I call them “the rules of the game of life”) is like trying to play tennis or golf without knowing the rules of those games — except the price you pay is much greater. While not knowing the rules of the made-up games affects only those specific games, lack of knowledge about how the Universal Laws operate affects every area of your entire life.

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