When your exploring the nature of nature , there is one voice that has influenced so many of us on this journey and that is David Bohm.

David is no longer with us in body , but his spirit and imagination live on in all of us as we explore our own personal  growth and expansion process.

He is regarded as one of the most influential theoretical physicist of our time , and often seen as ” unorthodox”  , which of course is why his voice holds so much resonance and  fascination for me personally as I love those that are unconventional , and not indoctrinated into the main stream consensus reality.

I came across his name when I was exploring the idea of the Holographic Universe and later started listening to some of his videos that are still available on you tube . One of the ways in which the idea that ” Everything is coming in to the present Moment ”  is the internet.
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When you start talking about the holographic universe , one of the voices that stands out from the chorus is Michael Talbot.

Although Michael is no longer with us , he left a body of work on the subject that is more relevant now , during this burgeoning  awakening period of  the 21st century, than it was perhaps during his lifetime.

As you explore the Nature of reality , the one thing that will keep popping up is the idea of the Holographic Universe , of course it is much more than an idea , it is an excellent way to illustrate how the universe works , the structure of existence , the architecture  so to speak.

The basic premise of the holographic model is that ” Every Part Contains The Whole ” , which of course makes sense , if in fact there is only “one thing ” , one particle , one consciousness , in all of existence or all that is !

Michael’s work also reflects the idea that creation and the creator are not separate , in fact everything under the holographic model of the universe points to there being essentially just one thing, which is why it resonates with so many of us who are more unified in our energy , in our consciousness.
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