As an “aware” observer I find it fascinating how universe uses “everything” !  No matter where we look, it is very difficult or perhaps impossible to draw the line between good and  bad , right or wrong , black or white.

I have always acknowledged that universe is all grey, all lines are blurred , in fact as we move into a more unified state of consciousness we see the importance of inclusion versus exclusion.

In the Geo-political part of the awakening discussion , there is much talk about the growing Police State in the United States as well as the rest of the world.

There is no shortage of passionate voices objecting to the growing army of storm troopers and military equipment being staged in cities all over the world.  I believe it would impress even HG Wells with his 1984 vision.

What I  find unusual however is that while all this is going on there is also no shortage of places in the United States to purchase firearms, one big example is Wal Mart , the largest retailer in the world.

Wal Mart is effectively one of the largest distributors of firearms in the united states , you can walk into a Wal Mart 24 hours a day 7 days a week and purchase a wide variety of weapons.

Perhaps one of  the more controversial of  firearms that can be purchased at Wal Mart is the Ruger Mini 14, a semi automatic rifle that fires a .223 round.

These rifles fire the same .223 round that is standard for all assault rifles currently used in the military and police forces around the  world.

The point I am making here is that even while the civilian police forces are being militarized around the world , in the United States  there are no barriers to the civilian population from arming itself to the teeth with a firearm equal to what soldiers currently carry.

If in fact “one faction of elite were in control of the world, you would think they would put a stop to this , but in reality , I don’t believe anyone is control, not saying they don’t want to be , I ‘m just saying that there is no way for any one group to control this planet completely in every way , in every aspect of our lives, its not that “Black and White” !

Right now , in the United States you can literally go grocery shopping and Pickup an assault rifle in the same shopping trip , that should tell you something about the nature of the reality we find ourselves in.

This is not a discussion of what is right or wrong , good or bad , I am simply pointing out,  as the aware observer,  how the universe counter balances the opposing forces on this planet.

While a police state may be the wet dream of  some genetically deprived , elite over lords, its not going to happen while millions of  Americans are free to arm themselves to the teeth, and perhaps in that light , the United States is in effect the last bastion of freedom.

Which is why the world is watching us, although in my opinion , the battle, is a war over consciousness, the war with guns , at least in United States is outdated and would be useless.

However,  the fact,  that tens of millions of firearms purchased over the last 3 years in the United States is staggering , I see it as a deterrent really, most of those firearms are sitting in closets, gun safes , cabinets , on racks collecting dust , a tribute to a movement .

A movement,  where normal , law biding citizens ,some who had never even owned firearms,  went out , en-mass  and did what they felt needed to be done , a gut reaction to the radical onslaught of the powers that be and their unconstitutional agenda, their non human agenda is perhaps even more accurate..

So again, this I believe, is the counter balance, to this police state, and proof that no one , no one group is really in control of everything.

There are other ways to counter these forces and we give thanks to the many voices who are stepping up and shining the blinding light of the apocalypse on the construct known as the “Police State”.

And no one puts as much passion and love into it than Charlie over at Wide Awake News . Keep up the good work Charlie we greatly appreciate your efforts and dedication.


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