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Guest Article By : Beverly Nadler

Excerpts From  ” Loving the Game Of Life “

Evolution Of Consciousness :
There is a difference between evolution of Consciousness and expansion of Consciousness. Evolution of Consciousness is described below, and expansion of Consciousness is described later in this chapter. Evolution of Consciousness is about the illusion.

It is about Consciousness using the timeless, spaceless, massless, motionless Zero Point Field to create more and more highly developed or “evolved” patterns/illusions in The Field – from subatomic particles (quanta), to electrons and protons that make up atoms, to minerals, vegetables and plants, animals and human beings. It is Consciousness expressing and evolving through all creations as they manifest in the 3rd dimension.

Vibrations And Frequencies :
The 3rd dimension is made up of endless inanimate and animate forms — from minerals, to vegetation, to countless species of animal life, to myriad varieties of people, to objects, things, actions, events and conditions, etc. – all of which are forms of energy.

Everything we perceive with our senses is made up of vibrations of different frequencies of energy coming from the infinite patterns in The Field that are created and energized by Consciousness.
Scientists use testing procedures and instruments to measure vibrations. Some vibrations have higher frequencies than others. What we call positive feelings and emotions (love, joy, faith, forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation, compassion, etc.) have higher frequency vibrations than negative emotions (fear, anger, hostility, greed, resentment, etc.).

People whose energy fields radiate high frequency vibrations are considered more “evolved.”
When we speak of high and low frequency vibrations or of vibrations that are in harmony with each other, we are referring to the illusion, and the evolution of Consciousness. The fascinating work of Dr. David Hawkins, spiritual teacher and author, is based on measuring and calibrating vibrations. Thus, his work, which continues to live on after his transition in 2012, deals with evolution of Consciousness in the 3rd dimension.

Expansion Of Consciousness :
Expansion of Consciousness is about reality, about expanding your awareness and ability to see and perceive with the “eye” of the Creator. It is what occurs as you perceive and experience more and more of the truth — the truth of who you really are, and the magnificent illusions that Consciousness created and continues to create on the 3rd dimension.

As long as we are in physical form and have our own separated, individualized Consciousness, we cannot know everything – only the Creator can. However, through expansion of our own individualized Consciousness, we align and merge more and more with our Infinite Self, and we gain access to more knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
As your Consciousness expands, your appreciation for the balance, implicit order and Divine perfection of the Universe grows.

Though it may be difficult to believe this now, the more your Consciousness expands, the more true joy and peace of mind you will have — in spite of the traumatic and destructive elements that exist in our human experience. Though the human finite mind cannot understand the Infinite, you realize that duality exists by design as part of the Creator’s plan. Only in the illusion of the 3rd dimension is there pain and suffering because of duality.

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