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If you don’t know what intervention theory is , I will summarize it here in the most basic of terms. Essentially it is the idea that extraterrestrials intervened , broke the prime directive if you will and have manipulated the so called “Natural Evolution ” of sentient life on planet earth.

The general consensus is they did this via direct genetic manipulation or inbreeding with humans  and followed up with a very long and still continuing process of social engineering… to what end …yes that is the question!

After crawling around the rabbit hole for years, I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of alternative researchers can agree that this is the main theme of the awakening process.

No matter what the subject matter , whether it’s alternative history or alternative energy , we always end up asking about our true origins … and we end up at … Intervention theory.

However …from there it branches off into three flavors, either its good , bad or a combination of both.

On the negative side , the race that broke this prime directive , what the bible called the Nephilim , what some call the Annunaki , these beings are the Origins of Evil itself , becasue they are not human , they exploit us and  the planet for their agenda , there are many variation of this theme and why they are here and what they are doing , one only needs to do some googling and your trip down the rabbit hole is assured.
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Our entire economy is built on the  illusion of perpetual growth , and for this to be possible things have to break down after a certain time frame , so they can be replaced by new things.

So in the process of developing a new product engineers design things so they will stop working within a given time period based on the over all formula for a particular item whether it be a toaster, a washing machine , computer or TV.

Generally speaking if you pay more , it will last a bit longer , and the beat goes on , and the land fills and dumps  around the world continue to fill up , all part of the planned … obsolescence !

It’s a system of madness , it makes absolutely no rational sense , yet another example of how insane the human race has become.

Although from a greater perspective Planned Obsolescence seems to be  built into the very fabric of the world of form , physicality itself is really just an illusion as many have said , so what difference does it really make anyway , land fills get bigger , resources dwindle , the human “Race” continues, where we are racing to no one knows.

And yet … a million years from now , long after humans have come and gone , long after they have used mother earth for their school yard,  the earth shifts , land gets converted to magma , magma creates volcanoes and new land masses are formed , and the signs of humanities existence are completely erased , everything returns to the base elements !
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With all the shootings going on recently in the United State this year , the conspiracy mills have been shouting that the shootings are all staged so that the Powers That Be can use it as an excuse to disarm the American People.

So lets take a look at this from the perspective of the aware observer, the aware observer simply looks at the data , without any filtering , it simply  “is what it is”.

So the first question is , were the shootings staged ,  were the perpetrators , coerced, manipulated , aided by alphabet agencies as suggested by the alternative news agencies .

There does appear to be some red flags around the recent shootings which would lead one to believe that yes , things may not be what they seem.

However if the purpose of these staged events is to put pressure on the second amendment , all I have to say is the plan is a complete failure, like many of the plots to enslave humanity out there , eugenics for example , let see now , over 6 billion people on the planet, hmm…, not saying they aren’t trying , just saying that they are failing.

Ok conspiracy lovers, just looking at the facts here, keep reading, not debunking conspiracies, lets just get them right, yes there are conspiracies, however sometimes the conspiracy may be a case of reverse psychology, and here’s what I mean.
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I’m not sure 2012 is living up to the hype , but hey nothing ever does. Although it has produced yet another conspiracy theory and it has been brewing for a while now , ever since London was chosen for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

So maybe you haven’t heard yet , but there seems to be quite a bit of chatter about the elite bloodlines and their crazy , nutty blood rituals surrounding the 2012 Olympics.

One of the proposed false flag events would entail a fake Alien attack on London perhaps killing thousands, presumably in the hope that the outside threat would unite humanity , ushering in a one world government.

Well that’s  the readers digest version anyway, and there are quite a few variations on this theme , like  perhaps a nuclear detonation over the stadium , or the unleashing of a biological weapon , which would infect people from all the world.

Personally I like the Alien invasion theme better , at least it would be more interesting , and we would finally get to see all the black op hardware that we spent trillions of our tax dollars on.

Unfortunately a more boring scenario is likely , and it goes something like this , False flag terror event , perhaps chemical or biological , on the last couple of days the games . It gets blamed on Syria somehow , and then everyone wants to attack Iran .

I know it sounds crazy , but then again …it is planet earth.
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Well it’s good to see Alex Jones not taking things quite so seriously. He puts a lot of information out there on a daily basis and I still check in on him from time to time.

I have to admit that after you have poked your head down the rabbit hole a few times , you have to keep going deeper and deeper to keep your interest up.

And while the Geo Political aspect of this little show we call planet earth is quite extensive and interesting, I tend more towards the big picture stuff and I always have , that’s just my highest joy.

That being said , when I do want to get the latest gossip on what the”New World Order” is doing , or what the Rockefellers are doing to the Rothschild and how that effects  George Soros and his plan of world dominance , then Alex Jones is clearly the choice and I respect his work and appreciate his contribution.

Of course  there is a bit of showmanship in his work and  he does like to ham it up a bit , which makes it much more palatable. I mean come on ,  from a greater perspective were are infinite beings, lets not get to morose about all this stuff, its all good fun for omnipotent beings like ourselves.

So his latest Dark Satire on the whole out of control police state / home land  security apparatus  is pretty funny. I mean its laughable even without Alex making fun of it.

And quite frankly I don’t think anyone even pays much attention to all the FBI and DHS memos, and if they are they need to get a life which is the point Alex’s skit is making here.

I’m just glad he’s having fun with it , this is how we will conquer the New World Order , we simply keep laughing at them, until they finally realize ….THE JOKES ON THEM.

So take a breath , quit taking yourself or this reality too seriously , and watch Alex do his thing, its good for a few much needed giggles.

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The Term Conspiracy Theory is becoming a rather annoying term these days becasue it’s becoming more difficult to talk about what is actually going without being labeled a conspiracy nut  Which is pretty much anyone not buying the BS !

When someone awakens from the slumber and they start to put the the pieces together on how the world “Actually Works” as apposed to the nonsense we are lead to believe they do tend to get a bit worked up wanting share their new found knowledge with everyone they see , it a fairly common reaction.

Unfortunately for us that have woken up we are still in the minority it seems ,  so many people will look at us and roll their eyes and go back to sleep, another common reaction.

To help with the frustration of being sane in an insane world , I offer some humble advice . First understand that yes there are conspiracies everywhere most people  wont admit it , or they are in denial , and not very well informed , it makes no difference either way.

But that doesn’t mean “Everything” is a conspiracy , universe has a way of using “Everything” . For example it’s highly likely that the internet was “Created” as a way to keep an eye on the masses , no I don’t think Al gore created the internet.

Its very  likely the internet is the creation of an Alphabet agency,  and I applaud their contribution to humanity , and while yes they can probably track  our  movements through cyberspace , they can’t stop us from freely sharing information , and this is the revolution that is changing consciousness itself.

So again the intention was nefarious  but the outcome benefits both sides of the battlefield  of good against evil , and that’s really what we are talking about isn’t it.  The idea that evil is behind the scenes , secretly plotting against us , which it is ,no argument there and good is constantly trying to counter that , and keep us from blowing the planet up in a giant fireball.  That pretty much sums it up.

So just keep in mind that what we mostly have is simply lots of conspiracy battling against lots of love and light , and don’t ever get caught up trying to prove anything to anyone, in fact if your trying to do that , you are simply being suckered into the trap of polarized thinking. Universe is all Grey , not black and white, what fun would that be.

Just know in your heart that there are more of us waking up everyday and the worse it gets the farther back we  are pulling that rubber band and when we finally let loose , watch out , its gonna be one hell of ride.

To get your feet wet on the most common Conspiracies out there I recommend the Show with the same name , Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura, a strong voice that  does a great job of bringing to light  the most common lies we are being told and makes it entertaining as well !

Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !