Apocalypse How: Intervention Theory : Against All Odds



If you don’t know what intervention theory is , I will summarize it here in the most basic of terms. Essentially it is the idea that extraterrestrials intervened , broke the prime directive if you will and have manipulated the so called “Natural Evolution ” of sentient life on planet earth.

The general consensus is they did this via direct genetic manipulation or inbreeding with humans  and followed up with a very long and still continuing process of social engineering… to what end …yes that is the question!

After crawling around the rabbit hole for years, I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of alternative researchers can agree that this is the main theme of the awakening process.

No matter what the subject matter , whether it’s alternative history or alternative energy , we always end up asking about our true origins … and we end up at … Intervention theory.

However …from there it branches off into three flavors, either its good , bad or a combination of both.

On the negative side , the race that broke this prime directive , what the bible called the Nephilim , what some call the Annunaki , these beings are the Origins of Evil itself , becasue they are not human , they exploit us and  the planet for their agenda , there are many variation of this theme and why they are here and what they are doing , one only needs to do some googling and your trip down the rabbit hole is assured.

On the more positively spun version , they are the reason we are no longer living in caves, they gave us their genetics, language, science , agriculture , with out them we would still be pulling females around by the hair dragging them into caves  and according to shows like “Ancient Aliens” they are the gods of ancient times and are responsible for pretty much everything, in fact it has become a joke around the house … isn’t great we have toilet paper…yes it’s because of  ” Ancient Aliens ” !

The third persepctive is that its a little of both , some good , some bad , some irrelevant, and of course this is the non polarized perspective as it would have to be and generally fits with the idea that universe uses everything and all is allowed expression.

So this is where I think we should probably leave it , here’s the deal …We Don’t Know !   We don’t know for sure what the hell happened or what is happening at this point , however from a completely physical reality perspective , even if we are nothing more than livestock , being farmed in so called cities , you have to agree that  “Against All Odds ” many of us are still living a good life.

And by good ,  I do not necessarily mean a life with lots of material wealth, although that’s OK if you are. When I say good I mean that Against All Odds , we are still able to awaken to a state of knowing , a state of presence that transcends physicality ,  the systems of control , the human condition and culture … completely and know we are infinite consciousness .

And that our story is just that ,it’s our story , it’s not what we are , we exist outside of our story and from this persepctive nothing has any real impact…even temporary enslavement !

From this awareness we  are living templates, living proof so to speak , that ultimately nothing can control or entrap us , and by doing so we get up off our knees and we rise beyond the vibration of victim , even if we have been victimized and we raise the vibrational field around us… we are the warriors !

Every day we wake up and we see the external world in all of its madness, chem trails, wars, genetically modified food, weather modification, killing and  disease,  greed , control and corruption , and yet inwardly and on a personal level many of us are living good lives , we are loving,  caring , conscious beings and the universe supports that as well and supports us an shields if form the madness.

Which is why it’s so important as you go along your journey , as you awaken to many of the not so pleasant realities of this experience we call life on earth , remember that Against All Odds we exist , and nothing can stop us , “EVER” From existing !

Think about it , what a story !   And we knowingly inserted ourselves into the story as infinite conspicuousness to test ourselves , to share the experience with the rest of creation to learn and grow and expand …and here we are… still !






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