Apocalypse How: Planned Obsolescence


Our entire economy is built on the  illusion of perpetual growth , and for this to be possible things have to break down after a certain time frame , so they can be replaced by new things.

So in the process of developing a new product engineers design things so they will stop working within a given time period based on the over all formula for a particular item whether it be a toaster, a washing machine , computer or TV.

Generally speaking if you pay more , it will last a bit longer , and the beat goes on , and the land fills and dumps  around the world continue to fill up , all part of the planned … obsolescence !

It’s a system of madness , it makes absolutely no rational sense , yet another example of how insane the human race has become.

Although from a greater perspective Planned Obsolescence seems to be  built into the very fabric of the world of form , physicality itself is really just an illusion as many have said , so what difference does it really make anyway , land fills get bigger , resources dwindle , the human “Race” continues, where we are racing to no one knows.

And yet … a million years from now , long after humans have come and gone , long after they have used mother earth for their school yard,  the earth shifts , land gets converted to magma , magma creates volcanoes and new land masses are formed , and the signs of humanities existence are completely erased , everything returns to the base elements !

Yes even the “Human ” Being has a planned obsolescence , we wont be around for ever , this is simply the way it is , anyone plotting to live eternally in the human body is lost in the conditioned mind, lost in the ego , the ego wants to live forever of course so it dreams up fantasies of becoming immortal , much of the transhumanism movement is based on this folly.

Everything in the world of form is temporary , changing , fluctuating , oscillating , that is it’s purpose , it allows us as infinite consciousness a medium for  experiential exploration , and planned obsolescence is built in , things must become obsolete so new things cab be created, creative destruction as it’s called .

You can’t have creation without destruction , the destruction creates space for the creation , so it’s a good idea to get used to this aspect of physicality , why it’s best not to get attached to “things” , your state of being should not be tied to “things” , places, people or events for its peace , joy , abundance.

The body and death are part of the same illusion , you can’t have one with out the other , they are inseparable , so get used to it , the fact that you are alive is the reason you will die , at least physically , of course there is no death  of our true nature , however understanding this and learning to die before you die can serve to bring you peace while you are here .

Much of our suffering stems from our fear of death ,annihilation,   of course what is really fearing death is the conditioned mind , the ego  , because it knows it it’s existence is short lived , which is why it spends so much time trying to validate itself in the face of this truth.

This is why being present and leaning to identify with higher self ,that eternal stillness  instead of the conditioned mind and its thoughts is so beneficial , because you acknowledge that you exist beyond the world of form , you know the thinking mind did create you or the universe , something far more powerful created all that is , thinking does not create anything , thinking is a byproduct of creation.

So rejoice in your planned obsolescence , rejoice in the knowledge that all things are temporary , this will free you from your mind created prison , becasue no matter what,  the mind , the brain, the body,  will return to the dust , and that’s a good thing , no one really wants to live forever in the same form … that would be boring !

I’m not suggesting that we continue the insanity and the harm we do to mother earth , our host consciousness, I’m saying that we should completely surrender to our mortality , accept what is , and in doing so we will find our true selves, our true presence , and from this state of being, a more sane humanity can emerge , and for the time we do have left here whether it be a thousand years or ten thousand years , we can at least be kind to our  most gracious host …mother earth!





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