AH Guest Writer: The Living Message is Spreading

By : Matt Presti

Excerpts From December 2013 Secret Of Light Newsletter  Click Here to Download Full Newsletter

Work, work and more work is what a person who desires to further themselves through demonstrating their knowing mind in action understands and expects. There are no easy paths to producing great creations or accomplishing seemingly impossible goals that will live long into the future once completed. All roads have their challenges.

All great people must meet those challenges with the same strong character if they desire to achieve greatness.

There are many people in this world who constantly complain. We all have them in our families, our circles of friends and our work places. If you don’t, you are a fortunate one indeed.

However, having taken a new job recently, I have come up with a saying that is apropos to possibly many family/friend/work environments. Those who complain the most do the least—those who do the most don’t have time to complain. Other words may interchange with the word complain if you get my drift.

One day I will more fully write about the experience of the last 6 months. It has been very illuminating and humbling. None the less, one may learn from any situation.

How you integrate those learning’s into your lives can be a strength or weakness. That is your choice. All learning experiences are good experiences when you understand Universal Law. There is naught but good in this universe of seeming motion.

It’s all good. Balance holds the key.

Since beginning this new endeavor, going into a situation that was brand new and full of uncertainties, I came face to face with what is plaguing so many entities in this illusion—APATHY! Simply defined, apathy means a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

This symptom is a most dangerous human destroyer. It can plunge civilizations into chaos, ruin a business, destroy a relationship and even cause an individual to suffer defeat so terrible that he does not recover from it.

If met with a strong resilience and the light of mind to push through it, it can become lessened by relentless hard work. And it takes every bit of hard work to correct even a fraction of it. Facing off with several apathetic people, I took to having at my back the living philosophy I came to know so well.

In just a few short weeks, several people began to notice all the hard work I was doing alone and began voluntarily being a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem. With a small group of focused people, one can inevitably change a situation from the worse to the better.

This was a real world demonstration of the power of this living philosophy in action. Just one man started a reversal of the old ways, electing for change toward the goal of mass improvement of a situation. In time, a small few backed him up. Now, a majority is backing up the vision of the one man by helping to manifest the desire to change the conditions that led to apathy in the first place.

This organization is on the verge of a golden era again. As Russell said, a focused human may become the center of their own system where others will orbit around the vision of this one. It has been such for me that this is just the case.

To make a long story short, no matter what situation one is facing, one can work KNOWINGLY with the Creator—moment by moment drawing from that power source which forever resides in silent stillness to manifest one’s desires. Having worked very hard to achieve balance within our home, I took the chance of extending that balance to a community structure. Finding seeming unbalance within this organization, it is now through great and unceasing hard work that an upswing is now in motion.

There is still much to do but the power of hard work has re inspired many folks who were staying away to again come back and assist. The desire to restore this organization is stronger than the apathy that had seemingly set in for good.

Those who once held to the notion that there is nothing you can do to change this have been silenced. They have no more ground upon which to stand as the work we have accomplished speaks for itself. The power to accomplish anything comes from one’s mind. The body is the vehicle for accomplishing your desired goals.

One must walk their talk if one seeks real credibility and the confidence of others around him or her. There is no room for hollow promises or wishful thinking. As the great quote attributed to John Pym states; Action speaks louder than words. Time to go to work!

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