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Apocalypse Earth

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People these days are struggling to find themselves , they are going through what is commonly called an ”  Identity Crisis ” , kind of a funny term , but you know the story , we have all been there.

You see Mom lost her job a while back , this economy is a killer of  identities , of course she’s been taking care of grandma all this time too, and she was spending more than she was making.

Finally she  lost her house to foreclosure a few months ago and now she has to move in with the kids , she just feels like she has lost her “Identity” lost her freedom.

Jim was a very successful sales person for a large tech manufacture, made a good living and had the America dream all wrapped up , then came the crash , the economy tanked , margins shrunk to nothing , and one day he wakes up and his profession for the last 20 years is gone, he’s a dinosaur, his chosen occupation … no longer exists !

This is happening all around the country and all over the world , maybe it’s universe’s way of giving us a slap in the face, a cold bucket of water over the head to wake us up, becasue when everything is going good and your ” Fat and Happy ” not much changes , at least not from a spiritual , self analysis perspective.

Nope ..when the cash is rolling in and your shopping for that new car, new house or the next electronic gizmo that you just have to have , you don’t have time to concern yourself with such nonsense.
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On one of the most powerful lessons we can learn is not to have too much expectation , that in a sense Expectation can be a form of limitation, meaning your expectations become a self fulfilling prophecy.

For example you can go around expecting everything to turn to shite , and with that kind of negative attitude the law of attraction kicks in and sure enough , universe listens and provides a continuous stream of problems … because that’s what you “Expect” …right ?

On the other hand the opposite can be true as well , you can be very positive , and you can map out goals and accomplishments and material things that you want and universe will do its best to fulfill your Expectations !

So why would you want to have no expectations , is it even possible for a human being on planet earth to walk around in this world and experience relationships with others with no expectations …hmmm …perhaps .. although I wonder how many of us can honestly say we have achieved that state of being… I know I can’t , even though I am aware of the idea,  the concept , and how it works, it’s a very challenging endeavor… so why is it so hard.
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Surrender is the Key to Greater Understanding. One of the most important lessons of the Apocalypse is surrender.  It will be very important moving forward to be able to let go completely of your need to control situations , people , or events.

Now is the time to live form love, to live from your heart, to live in the moment.  Intellect alone will not carry you through the changes that will be taking place in this quickening process.

There are forces at work that are trying to steer human consciousness in a direction of their choosing, using this time of increased vibrational  frequency as a catalyst for their own agenda. This appears to be the deeper reality behind the mass drama we are now experiencing.

The Aware observer can see the the obvious manipulation that is being inflicted on consciousness  in  television, movies, music and even the internet to try and guide humanity away from its natural evolution back to unity.

Surrendering the illusion of control will allow each of us to be free sovereign beings so that we can  transmit this new higher vibrational frequency. Fear is why we feel the need to control events. When we surrender to higher self , or the universe, we loose the fear and the need for control.
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Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !