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Apocalypse Earth

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Lately Bashar has really been sharing some unique data  with those of us who care to listen  . One of the more recent is his meeting with a new race of beings, a race that seems exotic even from Bashar’s persepctive.

These beings have been communicating with the Essassani for a while now , how long I’m not sure , time is a bit different from his persepctive , 30 of our years is like 300 of their years , and of course Bashar is from the future , so at some point who cares , and from a greater perspective we are all just talking to our selves .

These beings are known around the galaxy as the “Thook” , or at least that’s the best translation for us humans. Now here is where it gets very interesting and would make a great Science Fiction plot , can you imagine earth getting invaded but no one could remember what the invaders looked like , sounds like great fun.
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In part 1. of Shards Of a Fractured Mirror we introduced Willa , a new voice coming through Bashar, who of course is a channeled by Daryl Anka , its a bit like Russian dolls , a channel, channeling a channel and so on , after a while one can see that the word channel is a bit outdated from this perspective.

From a greater reality , Daryl , Bashar and Willa are all part of the same being, at different frequencies,  just as all of humanity is really one being , fragmented into 7 billion “shards” , each reflecting back their own unique  persepctive of  reality.

Once we grow and expand beyond the idea of separateness, we are well on our way to allowing the next transformation of thought to take hold , and that is the idea that every “thing” is within all that is , all “beings” all planets, galaxies , universes, dimensions, time , space … all of it , is within each of us , we are “it” and “it” is us , no separation !

From this ” Higher Self ” Perspective true empowerment begins to take a hold , a type of empowerment that transcends every “thing”.

We start to see , that while there does “appear”  to be ideas,  we could call separateness, they are simply constructs created for the experience, they are not empirically real.

This is why,  for me,  Shards of A fractured Mirror has such a powerful resonance as an idea, metaphor, image, concept of what we are, and what “it” is all about.
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150 years from now in a parallel , future reality ,a hybrid human ,  Holly Cotton , writes a book , a work known as “Shards Of the Fractured Mirror”, it becomes the definitive work on Parallel Reality Understanding.

550 years beyond that , a being know as ,  Willow Helichrysum, uses the material in  “Shards of a Fractured Mirror ” as a text book , a bible so to speak in her education and training as a Parallel Reality Specialist, a career that apparently becomes useful once we have evolved beyond the limitations of linear time and space.

In Willow’s “now” ,700 years from “our now” , up line from us , she is making contact with us in the year 2013 . Her contact with us is possible becasue of a being know as Bashar , also a hybrid human , from roughly “2000 years”  in our future , who is channeled by Darryl Anka in our “now ” circa 2013 .

What is the point you may ask , I’m not entirely sure…other than simple curiosity and fascination , to go deeper , further , to expand… however…for  myself and many others,  the point is , that , the larger reality is not linear , it only appears that way becasue we have chosen to  participate in a shared , collective , virtual reality , that simulates linearity… is that even a word… it sounds good.
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In 2009 I shifted to a version of reality , a timeline, a probable earth , that included the individual know as Darryl Anka. Darryl has been channeling a being known as Bashar for almost 30 years.

What fascinates me is that I have been exploring the nature of reality just as long and up until 2009 I had never heard of Bashar.

For someone like myself who frequents the Metaphysical section of book stores and made more than a couple of trips to Sedona , you would think I would have come across his name along the way .

So it appears we are constantly shifting, “I’m Shifting Now” !

I recently found out that Darryl actually went to some of the original Jane Roberts meetings back in the day where she channeled Seth and that blew my mind becasue I studied the Seth Material for many years.

In fact the Seth material, I have always held as some of the most resonate , useful material to be found on this planet, in physicality, and much of my growth in understanding the nature of reality, my expansion, I attribute to to the Seth material.

The Seth Material awakened me to the ideas that have become the basis for my belief system. And that is that we are multi dimensional beings and that we create our reality, individually and collectively.

I would suggest that the primary message of both Bashar and Seth is that we create reality, that reality is a bi product of consciousness, infinite , source consciousness, the only true substance of the universe.

So while this is a new discovery , I am not surprised, in fact when you look at the image of what Seth was supposed to look like , drawn by Jane Roberts partner Robert Butts, there is a striking similarity between Seth and Darryl Anka { aka Bashar}.

The synchronicity in all of this of course makes perfect sense. I’m not making any statement here, not saying Bashar and Seth are the same being , but it does seem incredibly coincidental.

So all in good food fun I would say that Bashar is Seth 2.0 at least for me.

Because Bashar is being presented to us via Darryl Anka , we can enjoy his videos in digital format in the you tube reality , where ideas can travel around the world over night , it’s another step beyond reading, its a whole new level.

Back in the day all of the Seth material for me was in book format, and it was very deep reading. But just like the Seth material , I can listen to a Bashar video more than once and continue to glean information and insight time and time again .

I just thought it interesting to bring this up , many of you out there will likely have had a similar connection between the Seth material and that of Bashar which of course makes sense, as vibrationally they are a match.

And lastly I would like to thank Darryl and all his hard work and sacrifice in bringing this information into physicality.

From a greater perspective of course we are “All Connected” there is no separation, only the illusion of separation, or as Seth always said , ” there is no end to the Within of things”

Check out the books below by Darryl Anka !

What got me started on the similarities between Seth and Bashar is this really excellent, laid back interview with a couple of Darryl’s friends, check it out , its really informative and shows you the another aspect to the Bashar Phenomenon.

These years of 2010 – 2015 are the most pivotal in our shifting to a more positive vibrational frequency on our planet. This energy that we are feeling , this energy coming from The Sun should be welcomed.

Because we are experiencing an acceleration in energy as we move into the Apocalypse , into these higher vibrational energies.

It is important to note that , what ever you are feeling , what ever you are believing in will be supported at all levels.

So watch what your thinking , watch what you are affirming in your daily lives because they will manifest themselves like no other time in your life , due to the increased energy levels.

I know you can feel it , there are these huge ups and downs emotionally , its like we jumped on the back of  wild mustang and we are learning how to ride.

Now is the time to let go of all limitations , old negative belief systems and programming, and follow your highest joy knowing that we are infinite consciousness, supported  in every way at all levels by universe , all that is , this is what we are, we are in a sense being reborn again as full human “beings”.

These are going to be wondrous times, these years 0f 2010 – 2015 , don’t listen to any of the negative fear based ranting and raving that is going on , just tune in and listen to your heart , listen to mother earth , and father sun , listen to those around you and have empathy and love for all , and especially for yourself, and let it shine through you to light up the world.

As we move deeper into 2012 and This Awakening process, it is important to remember to live each day with Humility , Integrity and here is the kicker , no expectation,  I know that’s probably the hardest thing to do.

How do you live in physicality ,in this complicated reality , with no expectation, it seems an impossibility. What does it even mean to have “no expectations”.

From personal experience it requires complete surrender, you have to surrender to the fact that ultimately you really have no control over anything “out there”.

The only thing we have any control over , and the only thing that “Matters” is State of Being !

And as you progress , as you expand your awareness , you start to notice that your expectations are usually a dim reflection of what universe had in mind for you anyway, and if you had  let your ego make the choices , you would have missed out on the blessings.

Its a lesson learned , no one can tell you. You have to learn to trust in the process, and again its about surrendering , its about letting go of all the dogma and crap we have been literally brainwashed with our entire lives .

I’ve noticed that people who are doing this are having a  much better go of it , a more enjoyable time through this process , and those that don’t are running their fist through the wall .

2012 is a tipping point, its the end of the Quarantine. From this point on, there is enough critical mass , enough people have awakened,  to shift the collective to a slightly more positive state of being.

Now that we are at this stage , now that we are having this conversation about other beings, we call extraterrestrials, which of course are simply other manifestations of  infinite consciousness having their own unique experience of all that is.

These other beings , some of  which are more like ancestors , are now allowed, so to speak,  to interact with us more so,  than they have in the past.

The Quarantine has been lifted.  As long as we are ready , and as long we are asking  for their insight , their perspective, it will be freely given. And this whole process is exploding exponentially .

Now here is the big shocker,all that these other beings are trying to do ,is share with us the story of what we are , so that we can become more of what we are. 

There may be some with more nefarious plans ,but unless your in alignment with them vibrationally , they hold no power, they are nothing more than bullies in the playground, or they are simply scared and trying to get what they can, greedy little bastards.

The only power “Anything” has , is that which you give it , so lets quit giving our power away to the programs that run the false paradigms that we call modern civilization here on planet earth, lets stand up and become the sovereign beings that we already are.

If you can approach each moment , each day living in that vibration,  not only will it make your experience more enjoyable , it will allow your higher self to work through you to a much greater degree in manifesting your highest joy, whatever that might be.

There are so many fear based programs running right now that unless you become aware of them , you are pretty much living inside a very closed system.

So lets embrace the end of the quarantine, 2012 is here and it’s not about the end of the world , its about remembering who we are. The big sleep is over , the amnesia is quickly fading for many of us.

And even though we may not have all the answers , or connected all the pieces of the puzzle , the gates are open , the Quarantine is over!

We all recreate ourselves daily.  Every moment we are constantly shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality.

When you decide to get up and walk outside , you are simply shifting through countless versions of reality , frame by frame like a movie film.

Each frame is a slightly different reality , we don’t think about it much because each frame , each version of reality is so similar that we don’t notice except that now you are outside, this is how motion is created, how change is created.

You see this concept played out in modern Science Fiction these days, its a very popular plot and has become a very common theme in movies and TV.

Once you understand this intuitively it will completely alter your perception of what you are.  What you think of as your personality  its just a construct, a type of program to use the computer analogy, then you can let go of all the baggage people tend to collect over their so called life times.

The practical advantage of understanding this  , and this is very  important , is that you begin to see how quickly you can change yourself , how malleable you can become, you are no longer locked into a specific pattern.

The practical “benefit” of being awake to this allows you to side step , to avoid the traps , the negative patterns , that we fall into when playing the part of “being” human , here in physicality.

When you come to the realization , the knowing , that you can re-create yourself each day , it means you no longer have to carry the baggage of the past around with you.

You can be free to explore , enjoy , and start new, each day ,each moment,  knowing that we are literally recreating ourselves moment by moment , in fact as you walk across the room , you are not the same person that started out at the other side.

This reality , this unified field  we are swimming through is so infinitely charged with energy , that we can create matter at the speed of thought, we are creating reality moment by moment.

Re creating yourself daily requires forgiveness, compassion , surrender in all of your moments , and allowing yourself to simply be , to Shift, to know you are infinite consciousness , swimming through a sea of potentiality  .

So once you understand this concept, the question is not , do we shift, the question becomes , what do you want to shift to, this is what we call motion , change, this is the true nature of physical reality.

As we become more aware of this process and allow ourselves greater mobility in our shifting , then we will begin to see greater changes in our life , becasue the new realities will be ” More Different”.

Below is an great vid someone did with some excellent visuals, music and Bashar in the background making this point exactly.