Apocalypse How: The Shalanaya

What will contact with other “Beings” look like , will it be  mother ships hovering over the major cites of our planet as depicted in Hollywood films, with their death rays demolishing buildings sweeping humanity aside like bugs.

While that makes for good entertainment , that’s all it is , good fun and bares no resemblance to reality , at least from my own personal perspective of “all that is “.

The idea that any intelligent , love based , service to others, extraterrestrial , multi dimensional beings would attack us is just plain silly.

So what does contact with “other beings” look and feel like,  I would suggest there is no single answer or description and that it happens daily , non stop , on many levels of existence, and in our dream states , as we travel and explore, we appear to other civilizations as their “extraterrestrials’.

The Shalanaya were introduced to us  a while back by Bashar , another “being” many of us have come to know and love for his incredible insight and ability to articulate so much about the nature of reality, or all that is.

Bashar has told us that the Shalanaya are the ones responsible for what many refer to as the “Phoenix Lights” , and are essentially a hybrid human race from our not too distant future.  So in a sense we are their ancestors,  this idea may be hard to digest and strange to many people , especially  when viewed from a linear time line perspective .

However when viewed form a multi time line, multi dimensional , persepctive it’s all quite “Normal”.  This is where it’s best to let go of rigid beliefs and definitions about “anything and everything, doing so will allow things to be more malleable, more flexible in your ability to perceive , that which you are just learning to conceive.

In reality all “beings ” are “individuated aspects” of all that is , we are all connected, at some level,  there are groups of  consciousness, there are collectives , each one coming together to form a unique experience , any name we give them or ourselves is simply a tool , a way to separate into various experiments in consciousness.

We are moving towards a greater awareness , the veil is lifting and those of that are tuned in, and are listening ,  can already hear their voices , we can already see them in the sky , we can already feel them in our hearts , they are family , our brothers and our sisters , our fellow travelers, our counterparts and our soul mates.

The Shalanaya , are the first to make contact , becasue they are our closest relatives. We are familiar with them at a deeper level , and they have come to welcome us, as we awaken from our slumber , as we rekindle our relationship with universe , we are finding our way out of the maze, out of the wilderness of  materialism , and we have discovered  that we are each a universe , filled with infinite resources and abundance.

This contact is happening right now , has been happening , will continue to happen , there are no rules , no one can control it , it cannot be co opted by any control mechanisms , becasue it is happening within our consciousness, everything is happening within consciousness.

This first contact is simply reuniting with family ! So keep an eye to the sky while exploring your inner while you sleep , and in your dream state , as this where much of the initial contact is taking place, so that we can acclimate to the higher vibratory frequencies, so that we can grow accustomed to multi dimensional aspect of  our true nature, we have been asleep , and it takes time to re awaken.

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