Apocalypse How: The New World Disorder



We hear so much about the NWO these days , but I have to tell ya , it’s a joke !  Yeah I know what your thinking , and I’m not saying there are no power hungry control freaks manipulating humankind, there are of course  and have been for thousands of years ,I’m just saying they are not as organized as we may think.

What we call the evil or fear based paradigm that has been set up on this planet  has an Achilles Heel , a weakness , because it is based on fear , on negative energy , it’s not very cohesive, it’s structural integrity is spotty at best, it constantly has to be propped up , refreshed , because it is inherently made of faulty material.

You see fear is a lower vibration , it segregates ,polarizes ,  dis empowers, it is the proverbial house built on sand always shifting, while love , unity consciousness is a higher vibration , it unifies, empowers , is self sustaining , and requires absolutely no control or power over anything, it is self contained and anything built with love is on solid bedrock.

So again when I hear all the talk about the NWO  taking over the world , it is the biggest joke of all. Think about it ,what do all of the power hungry ego maniacs want … well more power … for themselves !  They don’t want to share their power with all the other megalomaniacs are you kidding , this is why , what we really have on the planet is … THE NEW WORLD DISORDER !

Lets break it down , right now on this planet we have these so called world leaders, of course they are anything but , and these world leaders in politics, business , finance and military are all just pitiful , fearful individuals who want … control …power !

Why … because they have none , they are operating within the fear based,  conditioned mind , created world. And all these power hungry oligarchs and their minions form factions or groups of like minded goals , however they are not relationships based on love or some higher calling to inspire humanity , they are just seeking more power.

And of course there is always infighting and disharmony , there is no integrity at all , there is no … ORDER, remember its “Order Out Of Chaos” , which is fitting because that’s is all they are good at,  creating chaos, which is why humanity is  “ALWAYS” on the brink of  War, Economic Collapse, Civil Unrest , Natural Disaster , the 24 hour news cycle is a head spinning , soap opera , B movie drama with no end in sight.

There will “NEVER” be a One World Government , are you kidding , seriously , not saying certain factions aren’t’ trying for it, not saying it’s not their wet dream , I’m just saying it will never happen because their idea of a unified humanity is built on fear.

We can be a unified humanity , and still have our separate cultures , the two are not mutually exclusive , however it will require a major shift in consciousness, the quality of consciousness on this planet still has a long ways to go before we will see such change in the external , collective, consensus reality.

And of course ultimately and from a far greater perspective , the only way any of us will “EVER” see that kind of change , is when we become that change,when  each of us, on our own ,have  done the work of self discovery , and made the conscious decision to choose that which empowers, choose that which serves the individual and the collective, because we can’t have one with out the other , and ultimately any division is just an illusion.

Once that is truly known , there will be no support for the control mechanisms and their founders, and the world you find yourself in , once you make these internal changes , will have appeared to have change , although in actuality , you have changed and shifted to a version of earth , a version of reality that is more in resonance with your new vibration.

Ultimately the disorder , the disease is in each of us , so quit voting for these morons, quit idolizing them , quit buying into to the main stream consensus version of reality , it’s a distraction from your true awakening , of becoming more of who and what you are, which is infinite consciousness playing the part of being human!



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