We hear so much about the NWO these days , but I have to tell ya , it’s a joke !  Yeah I know what your thinking , and I’m not saying there are no power hungry control freaks manipulating humankind, there are of course  and have been for thousands of years ,I’m just saying they are not as organized as we may think.

What we call the evil or fear based paradigm that has been set up on this planet  has an Achilles Heel , a weakness , because it is based on fear , on negative energy , it’s not very cohesive, it’s structural integrity is spotty at best, it constantly has to be propped up , refreshed , because it is inherently made of faulty material.

You see fear is a lower vibration , it segregates ,polarizes ,  dis empowers, it is the proverbial house built on sand always shifting, while love , unity consciousness is a higher vibration , it unifies, empowers , is self sustaining , and requires absolutely no control or power over anything, it is self contained and anything built with love is on solid bedrock.
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Part of awakening is becoming fearless, a process that requires you to face your fears, remember there is no out there. Each of is a universe within our selves,  a fractal of the whole.

Each of us have been pure evil and the purest of love , when we can face this , when we can face what we are , we can face anything. This is how you begin to expand your awareness , your consciousness.

It’s interesting to watch how dramatically the dialogue is changing on programs like the Alex Jones show.  Alex has mostly steered away from the really fringe areas of the awakening discussion so as not get branded as a lunatic and loose his sponsors and syndication.

However as the quickening continues in the Fall of 2011 it seems that his sponsors , and the audience are ready for a little more expansion so to speak.

In a second interview with David Icke in the last 2 weeks  Alex seems to be allowing the conversation to continue to dig deeply into the non-human aspect of the New World Order/ Illuminati / Royal Bloodlines.

There is  some pretty seedy things going on behind the curtain of those in power, think pedophilia, child sacrifice, Satan worshiping and that’s just on the  physical level.

There is also a dimensional layer , where these non – human aspects of consciousness, perhaps we can call them a different species of consciousness, these reptilians,  have created a fear based paradigm for the purpose of feeding , a fear garden if you will, or fear farming to coin a term.

They literately  feed on our fear , it’s an energy transfer. We kill a animal  , a cow , a fish or a chicken and we eat the flesh to give us sustenance this is an energy transfer.

These non -human entities who use hybrid human bloodlines as there mechanism for control on this planet are simply feeding. It’s unlikely  they have any empathy for humanity at all , it all seems completely alien to a normal  “Human Being”.

And this is exactly why David Icke’s  research  resonates with so many “Human Beings ” on the planet right now .

Because no sane human can understand how the atrocities on this planet can be happening , the killing , the torture , the wars , the greed and corruption , where does this come from,  it feels inhuman.

Are the Nephilim as the bible calls them , or the Annunaki , are they the snake from the garden of Eden. And if they are , aren’t we still part of them , aren’t they part of us , from a greater persepctive. Remember the reptilian part of our brain.

Perhaps our supposed masters, are simply just another aspect of ourselves , of infinite consciousness.  And this grand integration process that we are now going through at the end of the cycle  is allowing us to integrate the experience of all beings , human and non human.

We are becoming more expanded in our awareness as we start to  identify the players and their part in the mass drama with out the need to blame. It’s time to take responsibility, and acknowledge the reality , or at least the possibility that what David Icke is saying is occurring.

Alex Jones and his audience have come a long way in the last few years , human consciousnesses has come a long way in the last few years, the universe has come a long way in the last few years.

We are universe, we are awakening to the nature of our creation, we are re remembering what we are , we are everything !

And as we awaken we realize we have a choice , the choice is ours , what do want to be “Now” in this moment. This is the purpose of our awakening , it is sharpening the sword that will cut through the illusions , the fear , the duality , the misinformation , the control and the manipulation !

Let Us Rise Like Lions After Slumber !   In unvanquishable number !  Shake our chains to earth like dew , which in sleep has fallen on you,  for we are many they are few !


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