Apocalypse How: Surrender


Surrender is the Key to Greater Understanding. One of the most important lessons of the Apocalypse is surrender.  It will be very important moving forward to be able to let go completely of your need to control situations , people , or events.

Now is the time to live form love, to live from your heart, to live in the moment.  Intellect alone will not carry you through the changes that will be taking place in this quickening process.

There are forces at work that are trying to steer human consciousness in a direction of their choosing, using this time of increased vibrational  frequency as a catalyst for their own agenda. This appears to be the deeper reality behind the mass drama we are now experiencing.

The Aware observer can see the the obvious manipulation that is being inflicted on consciousness  in  television, movies, music and even the internet to try and guide humanity away from its natural evolution back to unity.

Surrendering the illusion of control will allow each of us to be free sovereign beings so that we can  transmit this new higher vibrational frequency. Fear is why we feel the need to control events. When we surrender to higher self , or the universe, we loose the fear and the need for control.

When we no longer need to control events , we can allow universe to flow through us and we become empowered by this free flowing energy which allows us to better serve the greater good as well as live our highest joy.

No matter what circumstances may arise , even if it appears as negative or destructive , we will be able to see the divine nature of all events and experiences.

Through this process of surrender we can find joy in the decline of our current materialistic reality becasue we know that this process is necessary as a catalyst for change.

I’m not saying you need to become a doom and gloomer, I’m saying everything is perfect the way it is , universe uses every thing and what appears as negative becasue of our polarized view of reality is simply part of the process.

It only has to get as “Bad” as it needs to , nothing is written in stone, this is simply us determining what we need to experience to create change.

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