Be The Change: I’m Not Waiting For The World To Change Part 4

I have allowed some time to pass, some more shifting to occur before I continued on this series, so here is part 4 of  ” I’m not waiting for the World to change” .

The whole purpose of this series is to illustrate the idea that the only real change any of us can ever manifest is from within , it has to start from within, remember , you can not perceive , that which you are not the vibration of.

And the deeper I go within myself , the more clearly I can see what work needs to be done on myself, to help clear the channel, to be a better transmitter receiver of source energy.

For me this is the most important message coming through from higher self.  So many people on the planet are looking for the easy way out , this is the mentality that has been perpetuated by the control mechanisms that are in place , what we call society, governments, main stream media etc.

Waiting for the outer world to change is another trap, another diversion from the awakening process. Working on yourself, doing the shadow work as I like to call it , it’s  not as glamorous as the outer world for most people in today’s Hollywood, Madison Avenue , high Fashion , high finance world.

Everyone wants to be an Actor  a  Model or Rap singer , everyone want to be a “STAR” a player.  This is what we are bombarded with on a daily basis, a hunger for fame and fortune , the  “look at me”  personality , it’s the ego gone wild.

What has become lost in this dog eat dog world are the heart virtues needed for actual change on the planet,  and these can only come from within, deep within each of us “the infinite source”.

When we start to tap into , that which we are , first source , infinite consciousness , we begin to realize that this is where all change occurs.

So the question is how can you bring this into physicality , how can you take the changes that are occurring inwardly and bring them into your daily lives so that they have a meaningful impact on those around you .

Open your heart, allow the universe , higher self, unconditional love to flow through you in all of your daily routines, decision making, interaction with others , and do your best to not be controlled by your impulses and ego.

Think before you speak , give yourself time to process , allow higher self  to form any action that may be necessary , do your best to start to behave outside of your program , your broken record that has been looping for your entire life.

And know  , the “Only Thing” any of have any control over at all is our State of Being.  This is what will  allow you to rise above and make your daily routines a performance art , as you will appreciate , the moments when you can bring a smile to someone and touch their hearts.

This is how the “The World” , physicality , is changed , it springs forth from within each of us.  So don’t wait for anyone , or anything , it’s all “happening” inside of each of us.

Yes it takes responsibility , yes it takes commitment, discipline , unconditional love, surrender, compassion , understanding, empathy , it takes living from the heart , not the intellect.

Doing “this” will allow “YOU” to shift to a version of earth, to a collective of other like minded beings, who resonate at the same frequency and want to experience a different collective reality , that we can co create together .

This is co creation , this is how you , we,  change the world !

This does “Not” mean you sit in a room or a cave for years and simply meditate and hope something happens, this is not a passive lifestyle.

On the contrary , it is highly proactive, it means you clean up your own act , and you listen to higher self , and you become very “Clear” on what it is you want, what is your highest joy, and you allow this excitement to guide you along in your journey and universe will support you in every detail along the way.

It means you “Quit” worrying about what other people , or the world , or society , are going to do,  or not going to do , it means you quit Waiting for the World to change !

It’s time for us to transcend that illusion , its time to lift the veil and truly see things as they are , its time to re empower ourselves and by doing so we can re join our brothers and sisters, our kindred spirits throughout the cosmos.

And when we look back at our experiences on Earth , the greatest classroom in the universe , we can know that no matter how far we go into the darkness, we can ” Always” find the light.

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