As we grow in awareness, as we expand our consciousness, we see more and more of the big picture, the larger reality that we are part of, what Thomas Campbell calls the the “Larger Consciousness System”.

Thomas Campbell’s work has appeared on my radar screen recently, perhaps it’s the next step , the next phase in my journey. His work is centered around the premise that what we call life here on earth is a virtual reality, meaning its a reality that exists within a larger reality, it’s a subset of a larger system.

This concept , this way of describing the nature of reality is in absolute resonance to what I am feeling , to what I am experiencing right now, and has led me to a greater sense of empowerment.

What I love about Thomas Campbell is that he can explain in laymen terms the workings of the universe. Although Thomas is a physicist , he does not allow his training in hard science to limit his expansion , his growth, he is not one of the high priests of the religion known as science, yes science here on earth has turned into a type of religion.

Thomas sees the “laws of nature” as valid , as long as they are viewed as a subset of a larger nature or larger reality. Which makes absolutely perfect sense.

One of the other main features of his work is that he sees “Everything” as data,or information, nothing else, this is also very resonate for myself and many others , as it allows everything to be subject to our own personal interpretation , which is colored by our beliefs, our definitions, and our experiences, in other words it is ultimately subjective.

Because these attributes are unique to each of us , no one is really having the exact same experience , within this virtual reality, or simulation as Thomas commonly refers to it.

In other words we exist in what I call a sea of probability , this is what some may call the unified field , and within this field there are infinite “choices” that can be made , this is a free will universe.
(

Humans beings are in a sense biological computers , running a type of operating system or construct that gives infinite consciousnesses an opportunity to experience itself as an individualized personality.

Which is why we are highly susceptible to programming, or being programmed.

Humans  are a type of technology “being” uses. Nature is a type of technology that is manifested by all that is, to allow us to experience all sorts of virtual realities.

Realities, that are in a sense, an infinite series of programs within programs. Wheels Within Wheels, There is no end to the within of “things”. Much like holding a mirror up to a mirror, the reflection becomes infinite.

As long as “you” as infinite consciousness are “aware” of this, then you will feel perfectly comfortable with this idea, it will not alarm or frighten or dis empower you in anyway.

In fact it will empower you , becasue you will have a greater understanding of the nature of reality. The unknown is just what you don’t know about yourself. Exploring the unknown is essentially becoming more aware of who and what we are.

When you watch movies and television from the perspective of the aware observer, you can still enjoy the show without being programed.

Just remember there is a reason they call shows on TV “Programs”. There is no accident in our naming of things.

It’s quite fascinating to see all the types of “Programs” Running these days on the boob tube. For example for the last 5 years or so much of the night time drama is cop shows, or lawyer shows.

Makes sense if your trying to brainwash the masses into excepting a totalitarian police state where “The Law” must be enforced.

Most of the Cop shows have these attractive female detectives who are the main characters.

Using these characters to show you how sexy it is to be a FBI or CIA agent. It’s a powerful recruitment tool in an economy where many have no clue what else to do or be.

The psychological operation is so obvious that its laughable, yet this is how they do it, this is television programming. Just pick up a TV guide and pick your brainwashing.

Again universe uses everything , so there is some information , some shows that bring information into the light that appears to be ushering in the Apocalypse, this we could call positive programming.

For example History Channel with it’s Ancient Alien series is a good starter for the masses , in a sense it is disclosure, why would the social engineers want this , who knows , but my guess is, not all the social engineering is bad.

Conspiracy Theory with Jessee Ventura is another show that has an awakening aspect to it, as far getting people to look around , and pull their head out of the sand.

The programming doesn’t work once your aware of what is going on , although it is incredibly subtle so be ever so vigilant when staring into the screen, it is quite hypnotic.

In a sense,  a human  watching  TV in their room , could be described as type of program , within another type of program known as their room , watching another program on the TV.

In the video series below Sonia Barrett describes “everything” as “Divine Technology” and the concept of Programs Within Programs.


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