Modern Warfare on this planet is nothing more than a business model and control mechanism, that sends poor people from one nation to kill poor people of another nation while the rich profit from the death and destruction.

This is War Unveiled ! War is an Industry and a tool used to control the human population of this planet. The basic premise is always fear. Fear is used as a weapon to gain control and power over others.

The physiological operations that promote War as a necessity for our safety is the biggest illusion of all time and the only reason they can still get men and women to pick up guns to kill people is becasue many people still fall for the story line that they are protecting and serving their nation to fend off the evil around the world.

That and a paycheck and promise of education and adventure for many poor people around the world is the only opportunity they may ever have, so they take the gamble and many end up as cannon fodder.

Sadly those duped by this nonsense have not taken the time to look around and see what is really going on, that in fact they are not serving their country they are serving the corporations and the Power Elite behind the corporate curtain.

Humanity has been brainwashed through sophisticated psychological programming and has actually been fooled into thinking  war is a necessity , and through movies , television dramas, books and even the main stream media ,war has been romanticized to the point where it has become entertainment.  Wow , the human race has some serious work to do.

Think about it, we are Human Beings, we are infinite consciousness, is this really the best we could come up with , seriously , this is it. This is the questions the “Human” race needs to be asking , where is this madness coming from.

In the alternative research arena their seem to be two basics schools of thought on this subject.

1. The first is that we the Humans did not come up with this , that War is not a product of humanity but a product of something non human.  And when we look behind the curtain , behind the ruling bloodlines, Elite class , powers that be, what ever you might want to call them, behind them is a non human presence that is pulling the strings.

This non human presence is generally referring to the Annunaki , the bible refers to them as the Nephilim , a master race of Reptilian based sentient beings that have been manipulating human kind for thousands of years , perhaps even playing a hand in our creation genetically or at the very least , modifying our genetic code taking us away from our true 12 strand DNA nature causing us to loos connection with the unified field.

From there the general consensus is that these beings literally  feed on our fear , which does make sense considering the current fear based paradigm that exists on this planet, and it makes sense for those that are awake , becasue war seems completely alien , not our true nature.

2. The second school of thought is that war is a manifestation of humanities dark side , that until we clean our internal houses individually and collectively , this darkness within each of us will continue to manifest this abhorrent mass drama we call warfare.

So here the idea is that the real battle is waging inside of each of us and the only way to stop War on this planet is through personally working on ourselves and “Being The Change” so to speak and acknowledging the darkness within ourselves and dragging it out into  the light so that it can be fully vanquished from our being and society and the collective experience.

So effectively what we have here is a sort of division within the alternative research group, although it’s very promising  that both perspectives are finally looking at the bigger picture . We are no longer buying the story line anymore, War is not a necessity it is a manifestation of a greater sickness , a disease within the collective and individual consciousness, a virus if you will.

I am leaning towards middle ground here ,perhaps both are true , perhaps we have strayed or been taken so far away from our authentic nature that we have allowed this parasitic race to influence us. I do not like being a victim as it entails not having a choice which I believe we always do.

So the challenge in this particular mass drama is for us to wake up, and see this illusion for what it is , and make a new choice , take a new path and walk away , do not participate in this illusion.

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