Apocalypse How: What About Me !

Clearly we have evolved into a “What About Me ” society here in the western world. It’s everywhere screaming at you , look at me , I ‘m a rock star, I’m a movie star, I’m a rapper , I’m a sports star.

This idea is promoted and packaged to the public as if the only purpose in life was to be a star, to be famous and rich.

The trickle down effect of course is that it leaves many people feeling as if their life has no meaning , no importance, as if they don’t measure up to the characters they see on TV and in movies, within¬† the consensus reality.

I would suggest this is the reason for much of the unhappiness , depression in the world , people have forgotten how to appreciate the simple things in life, the important things …like each other !

The “What About Me ” mentality does not leave much room for empathy , everyone is out for themselves , its a dog eat dog world out there , and very few people want to take the responsibility over their contribution , what they are projecting into this world .

There does need to be a balance though¬† between giving and receiving , this is the key to greater expansion and growth as an individuated unit of consciousness, so it’s OK to make sure you take care of your own needs as long as you are not infringing on the rights of anyone else.

Again it’s about balance , an equilibrium between manifesting abundance and sharing abundance. This is why many of these celebrities are not happy as one would expect with all the material wealth that they have , there is no balance, no appreciation , no empathy.

The what about me mentality is easy to spot, these people are deeply engulfed in their own personal narratives. I call it PNS:

PNS: Personal Narrative Syndrome

Do you know someone that suffers from PNS ?
This is a condition that effects a large portion of society so it is very likely that you do.

Symptoms Include:
Constantly talking about themselves , repeating the same story over and over again.
Never really listening to what anyone has to say , they are simply waiting for you to stop talking.
Appear to completely lost in their own narrative with no opinion on what is happening with anyone else, unless of course it has to do with them.

Treatment: In Large doses at first !
Forgiveness , for themselves mostly !
Unconditional Love

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