Apocalypse How : Conflicting Views

If you spend anytime at all researching or simply exploring all of the teachings, philosophies and sciences on this planet , you will at some point end up with a rather large headache, becasue of all the “Conflicting”  information.

I’m sure you all have found a new teaching , a new voice that is so resonate to your new personal perspective of reality , and everything is going along fine , and then one day you read something  or the voice or teacher says something that sets off an alarm , it just doesn’t resonate , how could that be , and you get this sinking feeling inside that says … no it can’t be , have I been duped again !

How could there be so much resonance in this information , yet at the same time there are aspects of it that I don’t agree with  ,  I’ve got to dump it now , and start all over, I’ve got to find a new system, one  that is perfectly aligned to my beliefs with no abnormalities…and off we go again, searching for the holy grail of belief systems and definitions !

No worries , we have all been there,  trust me , and we will go there again ,and that’s a good sign , that means you are moving forward, growing ,  expanding in your awareness about who and what you are.

Of course there is going to be conflicting views , even within the same body of work , school of thought or teachings … why … because all these things are coming from us , we are the ones creating these systems , and we are full of conflict , so anything we create will have conflicting aspects within it , there is no way around it .

Of course when I say ” We are creating these works ” I am talking about the collective consciousness that makes up the consensus reality that we experience at any given time here on earth , and of course even that can vary based on your vibration , we are not all experiencing the exact same earth , the exact same universe, yes it may be very similar to the other 7 billion versions of earth , however any difference makes it completely different , completely unique.

Which is why there is so much “Conflict ” as we call it , when in reality it is simply different perspectives , which of course is the whole point of  the expansion of consciousness, to explore infinite probabilities , in infinite combinations.

For example lets take the conflicting statements:  ” we are the creators and the creation or  we are the observers and the observed , how can we be both , isn’t’ that a conflicting statement … absolutely … yet these are the two of the most common ideas within the awakening community that get tossed around all the time.

It’s no wonder people get confused and conflicted when they start to go deeper , the problem of course is that our beliefs and definitions have become outdated ,and even more than that each person has their own unique belief system , so it’s not like one doctrine, philosophy or teaching is going to fit perfectly for everyone.

Which is why it may be easier , less conflicting  to  see everything as simply “Information” , after all these are information constructs , the framework we call physicality is an information construct , if you enjoy more abstract terms , which I do generally, I like to remain fairly abstract when talking about these subjects becasue we really don’t have the best vocabulary to describe  “All that Is ” .

When you look at ” Everything” as simply information , it can be helpful in allowing more malleable , less rigid , beliefs systems to form  , from this persepctive you can explore all systems, constructs, frameworks , teachings , enjoy all your favorite voices in a way that is inclusive instead exclusive.

Things can become This and That , instead of “This or That ” , remember universe allows all things expression , any thing that you or anyone else can conceptualize , conceive… exists, or you could not conceive it , why , becasue we are all that is , we have the same attributes of the  creator and creation , we are those things!

It’s not anything is possible , it’s ” Everything ” is possible , from this perspective Conflict really has no fertile ground , conflict is a manifestation of  polarity ,  duality and exclusion , when you are coming from unity ,  when you allow your reality sphere to encompass the entire universe , then everything is within you ,  existing  in the present moment , so there is no place for conflict , because everything is true , everything is valid , doesn’t mean you have to give your attention to it or even agree with it , you can still recognize it as a valid “Idea” construct , recognize it as a possibility , or probability .

So…  in summation , enjoy and explore all of the voices , teachings , philosophies , sciences, as long as they excite you , and lead you to empowerment and greater  expansion of who and what you are then you are heading in the right direction , there is no wrong way to “BE”  , take the good parts out of each of them , the ” parts that serve you best and toss the rest ” !

As a fractal ,a soul ,  as a unique and valid expression of  “all that is” , you will always have a persepctive , or belief system that is in a constant state of flux , always seeking greater complexity , always expanding , and while there will always be conflicting “Information ” and conflicting view points , if you allow all things expression and live from love and unity , you don’t have to suffer from Internal Conflicts !

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