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What are your “Core Beliefs ” ?   I know …we talk ” a lot ”  about beliefs here at Apocalypse How, why … because they are at the core of what we will experience , no matter where you happen to find yourself , could be planet earth , or physical reality as we like to call it , or it could be in any dimension or state of existence for that matter .

We are always existing  , we will never not exist , so it’s probably a good idea to get the hang of navigating existence, that is once your done with being asleep and having amnesia about the nature of who and what you are , of course  if you want to keep sleeping , go ahead , there is no rush , you aren’t going anywhere, take as long as you like, go  have a nice juicy steak and wash it down with some blue pills , and lay your little head to rest.

However , if your bored with sleeping , there is a whole multiverse to explore within your self  , remember you are existence itself, you are all that is , so you don’t have to actually go anywhere to have some great adventures , it’s all happening within you.

Beliefs are in some ways a double edged sword , lol…isn’t everything in the dualistic universe !  On the one hand , you need to have some kind of beliefs about something , otherwise  you wouldn’t even be able to have an experience at all , on the other hand if you get so wrapped up in your beliefs you end up asleep , which is the current state of most of the individuated consciousness units  on earth , you know …what we call people !

So as you expand your consciousness , you are in a sense actually shedding , beliefs, peeling away the layers like an onion skin , to get back to the raw , source consciousness, because you see , most everyone is so covered in the wet blankets of beliefs  they are barely getting any warmth of the  light, many live their entire lives actually ” Believing ” they are a human , an animal and nothing more, so weighted down by beliefs that they can never learn to fly , travel , roam , unencumbered by the weight of all their own self created and collectively created BS  !

So here is the practical application of getting down to your core beliefs , instead of carrying around all this unnecessary baggage that you don’t need , so you can enjoy your journey, because there is no destination and carrying all that crap is jut going to weigh you down , slow you down , and life will become a draaagggg.. .

Below are five basic core beliefs you can pack with you that will lighten the load significantly while still allowing you to have experiences , I use five becasue it’s the number for humanity , just having fun here to make a point , you can probably get by with just the first one.

My Core Beliefs:
.1    “I am ” an individuated aspect of all that is , which means I have all the same qualities of all that is , conscious energy , infinite in nature.

.2   ” Reality ” is ” Anywhere ” “I am” having an experience within the unified field , including what we call physical , non physical  reality , or any other plane of vibrational energy or dimension.

.3   ” I am” multi dimensional , ” I am ” experiencing multiple planes of existence simultaneously , as different incarnational selves, in what we call the past , present and future time lines, this is possible because they all exist in the present moment.

.4   All ” Experiences ” “I am” having , are representative of  , reflections of , my beliefs and definitions , they are the building blocks that create my personal reality sphere.

.5   Experiences are all that ” I ” own , my experiences are what makes me , “ME” , as a fractal of ” The One ” , I will always ” Experience My Self ” as “The One ” .

Outside of this you can pretty much toss everything else , you can go about your day , living as you normally would , experiencing the richness of existence and your journey within “it”  with out all of the excess baggage .

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