In a  ” Sacred Economy ”  “work becomes the expression of our gifts ” , this is the message from Charles Eisenstein , a reluctant Yale graduate , university educated,  but not indoctrinated.

We all know that our economic system is in need of a dramatic over haul , or more likely complete change , we can’t go on the way we are indefinitely , we are at a precipice , we can either learn to fly , or crash and burn , either way , universe is pushing us towards the edge.

Of course “we” have to change as well , we are the economic system , it’s up to us , yes we were all born into the current system that we have , which has been around for a very long time , however now that we are awake , we are understanding more each day  where we came from , how we got here , which empowers us to take responsibility in creating a “More Beautiful World ” as Charles says .

Like many of us Charles has gone through radical transformation in the last few years  , we woke up one day and asked , what am I doing , I’m not happy with my work , it’s not my passion , I am simply working to pay for all of things I have accumulated , I have become a slave  , my possessions now possess me !

For many,  the American Dream has turned into a nightmare , a self created prison of our own design and construction. There has to be a better way , and this is the journey Charles and many others are now on , exploring ideas, and ways to change the current economic paradigm , from a parasitic system to a more sacred  , symbiotic system.
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It looks like we have a real live Apocalypse Man on the loose  , out there preaching the gospel , of course we are all going through our own mini Apocalypse , so in that sense we are all in the same boat .

I have to say in this installment of the Apocalypse Man part 2 , Michael shows us a different side to his personality , he seems more relaxed , probably more in acceptance of what is .

Michael Ruppert’s  journey bares a resemblance to what many of us have experienced as we pulled our head out the sand and looked around at the reality we found ourselves in , it  is the story of going “DEEP” into the rabbit hole and coming out the other side … awake , aware , sometimes jaded , but we don’t have to be , not in a bad way … we grow up !

There is a way to come to terms with the madness we have found ourselves in and still enjoy your life , after all it’s only a ride, other wise there is way too much suffering !

For me it’s “knowing” that this is all temporary , and not taking anything too seriously , especially myself !  I know from one perspective , humanity is on the highway to hell , yet nothing is written in stone, everything is up in the air , worse case we blow it  and it all goes up in smoke … and to that I say …so what …so what !
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