The Apocalypse is all about lifting the veil of illusion, and Death is the biggest illusion of all. In this 3D five sense reality ,  death reigns supreme among all illusions and is the primary cause of fear and sadness on our planet .

I’m not saying death isn’t real , of course it is real in the sense that we cease to interact in what we call the physical world.  No one can argue with that statement , the question in our minds is what is going on after we die .  Some people on this  planet see death as simply the end of their existence period.

Others see it as a time when they will go to heaven , where all worries and cares will cease and they will live a carefree existence floating on the clouds with the angels.

There are probably as many perspectives and viewpoints on death as there are people on the planet , as we are all having our own unique experience of all that is.

But … what if …death, was actually the process of waking up from the dream we call life.  Remember the song we are all taught as children , row row row your boat…Life is but a dream.

Well  there are a growing number of people who have experienced consciousness outside of the physical body,  in a state of expanded awareness that is absolutely beyond the ability to describe in words.

Having experienced this myself , I will try…  Its a state where your thoughts are instantaneously turned into reality with no lag time,where you can literately experience  your  multidimensional self and all of its facets or faces. With senses that allow you to see the molecular nature of physicality while exploring the universe.

From the microcosm to the macrocosm , from the quantum to the multi -universal , we are all that is,  in all its splendor,  we are eternal,  infinite consciousness.

And upon returning to this state of consciousness we would normally call waking reality , this reality felt like the dream. This reality felt so slow and limited vibrationally speaking it actually felt like this was the dream.

And so…perhaps …life is but a dream…of sorts albeit an incredible , amazing , beautiful amusement park , scary and beautiful.  I mean… what does infinite consciousness do for entertainment …your living it.

What if after death we look back on this life as the dream slowly fading , as time goes on, and with about the same amount of importance that we would give to any vivid dream.  It was interesting , it felt real but once we were Awake to our true nature , nothing can compare and we move on we continue to grow and expand.

Perhaps the reason we mourn when our loved ones die , is not only becasue we will miss them, but perhaps its more about how we wish we were with them.  We wish to be set free from this limited vibrational state.

I believe the veil between the two realities is fading , I can feel it with each passing day as we move deeper into the Apocalypse .

Life and Death should be celebrated as a job well done , an adventure  , adversity witnessed and overcome , we are beings playing the part of  Humans , and in all plays there is always an ending.

But in reality we are neither the play or the human , we are the creators of all that is , we are the way the cosmos can know itself, we are the personification of universe and death is just transition.

Bashar says as much in the video below , see if there is any resonance for you , I found it very empowering rich in synchronicity with the over all awakening discussion we the voices are having with each other, consciousness talking to itself, remember there is no “Out There”.


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