Now that we have brought up the subject of the Gnostics or more accurately the Telesti , we can now go into the very esoteric subject of the Archons.

The Archons is another term you will be hearing more of us you travel deeper down the rabbit hole into the mysteries of this reality we find ourselves in.

The Telesti tell us the Archons are not aliens, they are not physical beings from a another star system in our galaxy , but in fact originate from our solar system since its very beginning billions of years ago,they were here before the earth even formed and have been here with us from the very beginning of our development.

Perhaps they even took a hand in our development , making genetic alterations, or perhaps they have been trying to hack the human genome for their own purpose, and if that fails then at least get us to act like them and become their foot soldiers, the concept of transhumanism is perhaps a by product of this at work.

The Archons may be at the top of the pyramidal hierarchies, or control structures in our solar system, manipulating the bloodlines, the hybrid humans  here on earth ,using them as conduits so that they can manifest their desires in our 3d organic reality.

Making them instrumental in  the creation of our Banking systems, Sciences, Religions and all the other aspects  of our so called society , that all of us were born into.

The Telesti also say that the Archons are not physical beings that exists in our dimension, in a sense they exist at a different vibrational frequency that we don’t normally translate or decode, hence the reason we don’t see them, they have even been described as mind parasites , which leads us to concepts like Wetiko that Paul Levy talks about .

So this is a different twist on the whole Extraterrestrial , Alien scenario,  and it really is quite a fascinating idea to play around with when viewed with an open heart , multi dimensional perspective .
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