Apocalypse How: Universe

The term Universe is being used quite a lot these days.

I know I tend to use it a lot myself  becasue we don’t have many words to describe “all that is that”  that have no religious connotations.

Most of us that use this term in the awakening movement use it precisely becasue it is , well , Universal, it has a universal meaning with out the trappings or dogma attached to a given belief system.

For me its simply a way to fill in the blank for , all that is , god, infinite consciousness , higher self, being , its “what we are”.  While here on this planet  part of our “selves” remain focused in this vehicle we call the  “Human Being”  , but from a greater perspective we are simply being.

Much of what is occurring during this unveiling process is hard to articulate with the spoken  language, and words are simply words and their meaning will vary with each individuals definition of these words.

More and more we will rely on our “hearts meaning” of things, which will have less do about words and more emphasis on feelings, and you can “Feel” this happening more and more each day as we move deeper into the Apocalypse.

But it is important that we communicate with each other the best we can with what we have to work with , and so for now I will continue to use the word “Universe”.  The Apocalypse is showing us the simple nature of reality that we tend to make so complicated within the “Mass Drama”.

We are the Universe Observing Itself  !   We are universe Walking !   We are the personification of  Universe !

I know it’s too simple a concept we need to make it much  more complicated ,and so we do !

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