The Electric Universe

As each day passes , those of us that have opened our hearts , and our minds, are coming to the conclusion that most things we have been taught about the nature of the universe are wrong.

I know big shocker there, but seriously , it fascinates me how the human race has been indoctrinated by modern science, into believing in these ad hoc theories , that constantly have to be tweaked just to make them sound plausible.

And this is where The Electric Universe comes into play , its by no means a new concept , it’s been in the background of human consciousnesses all along, unfortunately its been scrubbed from the main stream, and one has to ask why !

And the answer to that is power !  Those that want to maintain their power do not want the masses to have open knowledge of the way the universe really works, which is absolute unlimited abundance, they would rather have the slaves fighting over dwindling resources .

There were visionaries along the way , Tesla , Walter Russell and others who were on the right track , only to get largely ignored by the so called scientific community , and in Tesla’s case destroyed financially by the banking elite.

The good news is today we have a new platform for communicating, the internet, which  has allowed an open source exchange of information that is becoming too large and expansive for the control system to dominate, at least for now, the cats out of the bag.

The Thunderbolt Project is one of the groups that is at the tip of the spear in promoting the ideas and concepts regarding what is becoming known as the Electric Universe Theory .

Every aspect of this new perspective on the universe is toppling all of the old ideas and misinformation about how the universe works and the old guard scientists don’t like it , becasue it means they will have to admit , they were wrong, mislead or worse simply lying to protect their status , or university tenure.

I find it ironic , that main stream universities , don’t know much about the universe ,  but not really,  considering who’s behind the university systems , can you say brainwashing.

Lets take the sun for example , none of the current, accepted models of the sun make a lick of sense , even to the layman such as myself. For example , the core of the sun is supposed to be millions of degrees , as well as the corona , but the surface itself according to main stream science is just a few thousand degrees, does that even make sense , no !

We might as well believe the earth is flat , this is the level of deception that we are dealing with , people are so programmed into believing what ever the consensus reality tells them is real , it’s really rather pathetic.

So lets move on to another example of  how the Electric Universe is making itself known, comets , no,  they are not little dirty snow balls , this is fact now , not theory , when NASA blasted a projectile  into a comet recently it did not behave like a snowball at all , in fact it looked and acted more like an asteroid, and the massive electrical discharge and explosion still has NASA scratching there heads.

Mean while Electric Universe proponent and actual scientist Wallace Thornhill predicted exactly what would happen days before the test on the comet , and it behaved exactly as it should based on his Electric Universe research.

Did NASA scientists congratulate Wallace , for a job well done, pat him on the back , of course not , they are busy trying to create additional theories to incorporate the new data into the existing stupid model of the universe.

I have to say,  when it comes to our main stream science community I agree with Wallace when he says  ” Our Ignorance is So Profound” we have so much wrong , that we have to start all over again” .  Amen to that brother !

And the list goes on of research that Wallace and the team at Thunderbolts has done that further prove this new cosmology .

We may be reaching a tipping point now , when the house of cards comes crashing down around the control systems fake science. And those of us who “know” in our hearts, that they are on the right track , this is good news !

Below are some recent videos from the Thunderbolt team , to me it seems so obvious , the evidence is right in front of us , but then I don’t have any false paradigm to support , nor do I have any fear of loss of power and control, it is what it is , we live in an Electric Universe.

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