Apocalypse How: Comet Ison Meets Father Sun

The doom sites are bustling with the latest on comet Ison , supposedly it has the potential to be one of the more spectacular Comets of recent times , of course for most of us we will likely never see the thing unless we go on the internet and look at pictures of it.

It’s not like we can just look up in the sky with the naked eye and see this big event happening , although it would be cool if we could, anything to break up the monotony of  the drama we call the consensus reality , on and on,  the shootings , wars, political theater and economic woes.

The ” Doom Tards ” as they  are called , are of course hoping for disaster  , anything to bring about change , there are a lot of people who are awake and understand the way the world works , and don’t really see any way out of the mess, they don’t see any way that we can get from point A to B … point B of course is some semblance of a sustainable , fair and balanced economic system, that serves the individual and the collective , without destroying our eco systems , and is not ruled over by a bunch of corrupt , service to self ….. Ok  you get the point , people want things to get better , and in lieu of that ..hell lets just call it quits and go for the post Apocalyptic Paradise.

Anyway … this Ison is a bit strange , even expert comet observer John Bortle thinks Ison looks a bit weird , so there , even an expert is starting to get his doom on , well not quite , but hey , maybe something exciting will happen , it is possible !

Of course part of the confusion lately about comets in general is that some Scientists , such as those  involved in the Electric Universe arena are saying that some cometary bodies , are not just ice balls , but are in fact much more solid than has been thought before , and have even left NASA scratching their heads.

Based on the Electric  Universe model , all planetary bodies are interacting electrically and as Ison gets closer to Father Sun there seems to be a connection between the two , hey it is a bit of a coincidence that the sun has awakened over the last few weeks as the comet approaches … so we will see.

As far as doom goes , I’m not into that , however I do enjoy the solar flaring  and incoming ejecta that the comet appears to be enhancing  as the two electrical bodies interact, we can always use some more photons and upgrades to consciousness , and if a kill shot does hit and take out the power grid , well I’m ready for that  , however the rest of the planet , probably not… although talk about a wake up call !

And whats up with all the meteorites and fireballs this year , think Russia and a few other locales world wide where some serious stuff be falling from the sky . more so than usual , many are thinking this got shoved toward us by Ison during it’s approach , who knows, exciting though that’s for sure.

Below are a couple of vids that dig into the electrical interaction happening in our little solar system , interesting stuff, of course it is considered by the mainstream to be nothing more than hogwash because it does not conform to the status quo , it is not sanctioned by the ” Real Scientific ”  community … yeah … that’s why we still use combustion engines, becasue they are so smart…not !

So grab some popcorn , and have some fun , no matter what “Happens” , we will still be around , we are eternal you know , so we might as well enjoy the ride , you gotta love all the vids on the tube about Ison , some are quite entertaining , hey it beats cable and its free , as long as you have plenty of grains of salt with your popcorn !

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