Apocalypse How: The Electric Sun


People used to think the earth was flat , not because they were stupid, they were simply ignorant of the larger picture, they had a limited perspective of reality , the more we expand our awareness , the more of  the universe we see.

Right now we are still operating within the 3d 5 sense reality matrix , from a purely physical persepctive , it’s like a television , there are hundreds of channels to choose from , but you can only watch one at a time, you can only tune into one frequency channel at a time, this is similar to the limitation of our persepctive as humans currently on this planet.

Perhaps this is why our scientists seem to have blinders on , main stream academia seems to have a very limited ability to expand beyond what is considered  known , and the Idea of the Electric Sun is one prime example.

For some reason , even when the evidence is staring them in the face, they will not waver from the fusion model of the Sun , just like they refuse to acknowledge that their model of comets is wrong , even though they themselves have collected evidence that shows comets are not dirty icy snowballs, they are in fact more like asteroids , with hard cratered surfaces, their own imagery from their own spacecraft clearly shows these facts.

I’m not a scientist , but even I can see all the ad hoc theories they have to come up with to make their models of the universe work , instead of embracing ones like the Electric Universe model  ,  that seems to address a lot more of the picture with simple elegance,  that even a layman can see  the evidence of  , within nature itself , with our very own testing equipment … our eyes !

There are so many discrepancies when it comes to the mainstream  model of the sun , for example they say the suns core is millions of degrees , however the surface temperature is only a few thousand degrees , and the outer corona is also millions of degrees , that alone doesn’t make a whole lot of sense , it just doesn’t sound logical , how could any environment , sandwiched between temperatures in the millions of degrees be so cool , relatively speaking.

Then there are the sunspots, look at imagery from any sunspot, and you will notice the centers are very black or dark indicating cooler temperatures, however if the center of the sunspot is representative of  a hole or looking deeper into the sun , then they should be even hotter, so the imagery is actually showing us that the internal part of the sun is actually much cooler than the surface , which makes more sense, at least using the Electric Sun Model.

When you look at the sun from the Electric Universe  model , it makes a “Hell” of a lot more sense. In the Electric model , the sun is more like a light bulb , getting it’s energy from elsewhere , it’s being powered by the energy of the Galaxy , and all galaxies are powered by the energy flowing through the universe , and the physical universe itself is one thing , powered by all that is, and is yet another subset of a larger whole.

The Electric Universe model is a step in the right direction of course there will be more revelations , more discoveries as we expand our awareness and allow the data to take us where ever it goes in our path to discovery , instead of piecing together ad hoc theories and beliefs systems… just so the high priests of science can stay in power …and suppress the more esoteric aspects of the way universe works.

Why would they do this …one reason and one reason only CONTROL !

Think about it , if it gets out that the universe is literately made of energy , electrical energy , and that it can be tapped right out of the ether ( Think …Tesla Like Technologies )  , well that would put a lot of people of out of business , and remove the idea of scarcity and their ability to monopolize and control.

So … your bought and paid for University professors, academics and scientists are all towing the line so that they can keep their tenure, their reputation or their jobs when it comes to corporate scientists , and anyone who steps outside of the box gets shutdown… hmm sounds familiar … kind of like the bought and paid for politicians !

Which is why it is so important that ” We ” explore the idea of the The Electric Sun , becasue it’s right there in the sky , right in front of us, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientists to start to see that our current theories about the sun are BS.

Just about everyone within the awakening movement , has embraced the Electric Universe model as the most probable way to move forward  , why , because most of us are not indoctrinated into any one specific belief system or scientific doctrine, we are a very holistic breed , we have no problem throwing out anything that doesn’t work or creates limitation or seeks to disempower.

This is why I take my hat off to the group of individuals at Project Thunderbolt , they are the real pioneers of  “Our Times ” , we can still respect Isaac Newton , Einstein , and many of the great minds of the past ,  however , even Einstein wasn’t satisfied with his own models as being complete and struggled until his death to find a unifying principle, and I believe that the Electric model is a step in the right direction.

That being said, ideas like Newtonian physics can still exist, we just have to see them for what they are , they are part of a larger reality , they are a subset of a larger system , they do not represent the complete picture.

So check out the video below “Thunderbolts of  The Gods ” from the crew at  Project Thunderbolt , it is an excellent video to get you started on some of the ideas behind this new perspective of reality , this new cosmology !

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