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Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

Make no mistake, We are not saying that you should adopt the belief, that when you open your eyes and see an empty room, that indeed it is not empty, it’s just that your company is not visible to your human eye.

We are just using this as an example to demonstrate how your beliefs, generate the thoughts that cause you to have the perceptions that enable to create your reality from one second to the next.

You do not have to believe that there are beings that exist within your realm that are vibrating on different frequencies and therefore for invisible to the human eye. You can choose to believe whatever it is you wish to believe.

After all, this is your reality. You can make it however you wish it to be. Be mindful however, that it is the beliefs that you choose to believe, that will moment by moment create your reality.

Therefore, your experience of the life that you live is the responsibility of no one else but yourself. There are no victims. There is no external force outside of yourself imposing its will on you. This is not a Universe in which you have free will, but then are robbed of your free will by what you would call fate.

Fate is simply the repercussion of your unawareness that you, by your beliefs are creating your own reality and that is all. When “fate” is causing you to have an experience that you would judge as being negative, then what “fate” is reflecting back to you, is a belief that you hold, that causes you to think a thought that is out of alignment with what your heart Self or true Self truly desires.

When “fate” is causing you to have an experience that you would judge as being positive, then what “fate” is revealing, is a belief that you hold, that is causing you to think a thought that IS in alignment with what you truly desire. In either case, you are at the helm, the master of your own ship, the “moment to moment” creator of your reality and un-folder of your own destiny.

You are free to choose whatever beliefs you wish. But We would strongly advise that you choose beliefs that support and are in alignment with your truest desires and your highest will and happiness. For it is for happiness that you have come here and your very arrival here is the complete and empirical evidence of your worthiness of such happiness.

If you, by your experience of “fate” begin to recognize that you may be harboring beliefs within you that indicate by the physical evidence around you, that these beliefs are not serving your highest will and happiness, then We would advise a going within to uncover the cognitive dissonance between the belief and your desire and then alter the belief.

Anxiety is always an indication of such cognitive dissonance. More often then not you will find that such a disruptive belief will be one that has been picked up from external influences and not one, that when in your right mind, that would be your happy mind, you would normally accept as being rational, considering your inherent sense of the birthright of your worthiness.

By the way, this inherent sense of worthiness as birthright, is known by all infants. That is why they smile so much and you love them so much. They help you remember the truth about who you were, before you were impregnated with beliefs, from albeit well meaning but nonetheless fear based people, that did not serve you and now continue to disallow, your happiness.

We hope that you are beginning to see, at least in a rudimentary way, the connection between your beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and the reality that you are not just experiencing, but creating by these very mechanisms. And although, we are not here to instruct you in what you should believe or judge you about what you believe.

We definitely would advise that you take seriously the notion of knowing what you do believe and what beliefs you may harbor on an unconscious level, so that you can take a more direct control of the reality that you are living and experience your true nature and extent of your power, and thus reclaim your inherent identity and the state of worthiness that is it’s bench mark.

In doing so you will experience the great joy of not only knowing who you truly are, but that your purpose in being here is indeed to experience joy and love and fulfillment and the exhilaration of knowing that you are the creator of your own reality.

As for whether or not you are indeed “alone”, when you open your eyes and find yourself to be the only being in the room, We would say to you, that you can chose to continue in the belief that indeed you are in the room alone and continue on with that thought, moving your self into a state of loneliness.

But We would also say to you that it would be to your advantage to believe otherwise as We have spoken, for the belief that We have offered on this particular subject, if you can receive it, is much closer to the truth and will serve you and your happiness and the fulfillment of your desires much better.


The Collective



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