Apocalypse How: Creating A New Consensus

Are we done yet ? Many of us are , that’s for sure ! We are done with the tired old systems that no longer serve “us” … you know… the Human Beings.

We are tired of these old constructs that are on the verge of collapse, crumbling under the weight of their own corruption and lack of integrity.

These fear based constructs are increasing in entropy , doomed , headed for the scrap heap of  experiments in consciousness.

It is time we create a “New Consensus ” , and we are , each and every day !  This is the purpose of the Apocalypse !

To see through the veils of illusion , to see beyond the virtual realities, to see things as they are , not how we want them to be, or how we wish they would be.

Many of us are growing up and we no longer believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny , a separate god or a benevolent loving government.

We are re-membering our sovereign nature, and in doing so we are ready to create a new reality , a new consensus,  based in love , unity , empathy , understanding , and living form the heart.

We “are” the New … Pre- Emerging consensus reality !

Will this New Consensus reality be wanted by everyone  ?  Probably  not, universe allows all things expression , some forms of that expression , other beings, will not want to relinquish their illusion of control and that’s OK, they are free to do whatever they want.

Likewise , those of  us that are awakening are no longer under that control , and so… we will be moving on,  creating a new consensus , a new reality , a new version of earth for us !

And in this new version of reality we will experience a greater degree of connectedness to all that is, universe. We will be interacting with “other Beings” from other systems, we will meet our kindred souls , our counterparts and are brothers and sisters from across time and space.

The new consensus will  be based in love not fear , unity not polarity, empathy not apathy !

The new consensus will empower not dis empower the human spirit !

The new consensus will serve the  individual and the collective there will be no need for pyramidal hierarchies !

The new consensus will “know ” we live in absolute abundance , in an infinitely  abundant universe of energy !

The new consensus will  cleanse religion, spirituality , science , societal  governing , economic systems of corruption and dogma, over time of course , it will not happen over night.

The new consensus will be an evolution of consciousness for those that choose to be part of it .

So don’t get caught up in the current consensus reality , it is designed to entrap you , this is it’s main  purpose, it’s not evil , it is simply a tool for learning , for growth and expansion, so the question is , are you ready to graduate, are you ready to build something new !

If you are ready , then lets crate the “New Consensus”  it all starts from within, we “become” the new reality, and in doing so we we gravitate , we migrate we attract others until there is enough source energy to maintain the integrity of these new systems that will be created , so that we have replacements when the old ones crumble !

Welcome to creation of the New Consensus !

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