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January 22, 2014 7:00pm

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Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

There are many things coming, not bad, but very good. For those who insist on remaining in the lower vibrations of depression, despair, fear, guilt, shame, anger, hatred, vengeance, blame and frustration, these good things will feel disruptive and challenging:  inducing reactions of spiritual, mental and emotional illness. There will only be few that respond in this way.

For by that time, the majority will have been caught up in the wave, which is even now flowing across and through the planet, that is carrying an increasingly larger number of you into a higher vibration:  all this because, you have come to the end of limitation, the end of the strictly material perspective. You have exhausted this perspective and you have become exhausted by this perspective.

Therefore, we encourage you to pursue the calling in your heart to that which enlivens you and lifts you to your highest joy. This is the call of your true hearts purpose and passion.

In the state of vibration represented by these emotions, you will be in the vibration that will enable you to receive, without fear, all the good things that are coming.

As for those that are unprepared in this way, acceptance will come. But for them it will be much harder, as they will endure the deep cleansing and transmutation of their energy at a rapid and acute rate, thus making it a bit more uncomfortable.

So we would encourage you to begin this process of self-reflection and transformation now. It will not be difficult. It will not only bring you great blessings and insight and prepare you for the good that is to come, but it will also enable you to experience an influx of synchronicity that supports your highest desires, thus giving you great joy now.

Do not think in terms of punishment or reward. Those who prepare in this way will not be rewarded. Those who do not prepare in this way will not be punished. These concepts of reward and punishment have no foundation in the true order of this Universe and your place within it.

What will transpire is simply a demonstration of energy that is in alignment and energy that is not in alignment and what happens in each case.

All seek alignment with the highest of vibrations because the highest vibration is the true nature of the Universe, which is your true nature.

Calibration or alignment comes more comfortably at a slower pace. When what good is coming comes, those who have lagged thus far will experience a quantum leap if you will and that can be quite jarring.

The highest vibration is pure unconditional love. Thank-you.

The Collective




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