Apocalypse How: Penney Peirce Part .1


I love how we come across voices at just the right moment, to help get us to another level of awakening, to fill in another part of the puzzle , to give us another boost just when we need it.

Well … I would like to introduce you to Penney Peirce, if your already familiar with her work then good for you , if not then your in for a treat !

There is so much resonance in her message , what she calls ” Spherical Holographic Perception ” , it’s a powerful way to visualize the expansion of consciousness and is part of her overall perspective on what she calls the ” Geometry of Perception ” .

The idea is that we are in a sense a ball or sphere of energy or consciousness , and we can expand or contract that ball as we choose , we can expand it to encompass our local reality , or we can encompass the entire universe , where at that point everything is essentially within our ball , or within us .

In other words we are Universe ! You cannot separate the creator from the creation .

The more expanded your ball of energy or “perception , the more unified you become, your thoughts are of a higher caliber , more loving , more unified, which of course makes sense , you are taking in more of the unified field.

Where Penney really starts to hit all cylinders is when she starts talking about how to deal with all the negativity on the planet , which is really a critical topic among those of us who are awakening to the madness that we call life on planet earth.

You see… as you awaken you start to see all the dirt in the corners, all the lies we have been told about who and what we are , and this “energy” if you will can no longer exist in the field , the collective , it must be expelled , cleared , dealt with , and that’s what we are seeing now …everywhere … at the personal and collective level.

And of course these last few years , this process has grown exponentially , to the point now , it’s almost laughable , the amount of information on conspiracies , wars , corruption , controlling elites, not to mention the real life drama we see in our Economic, and Geo Political arena being played out ad nausea in endless 24 hour news cycles …. it can create an awakening burnout !

And in the beginning of waking up , the world seems big, and these things seem important , later on of course , they appear more like “nonsense” ! There is of course another side to the awakening process that is limitless and empowering , this is hopefully where you move on to , there are many of us ready to create a new consensus reality, won’t you join us !

Many people end up getting lost in this rabbit hole , or come out the other side raving lunatics , as many of us can attest to , in some ways it can be part of the process, the ole …what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger … yeah right !

Which is why it’s beneficial to be able to look at that “stuff ” and move on , Penney says it’s not about putting your head in the sand and acting like it’s not happening , that it doesn’t exists, it’s about acknowledging it , and making a choice as to what your going to put your “Attention ” on moving forward, are you going to feed the beast , or work with other energies, other realities, other collectives and create something new.

It’s more about eclipsing the old patterns , by raising your frequency , again this is about taking responsibility, about being the change of course, however it’s not about fighting the old systems, that will only drag you down and is generally what happens to most people.

Penney tells us that our “attention” is what animates … what makes things come alive …remove your attention and you remove your contribution of source energy … so don’t feed it … feed the things that bring you joy , that empower you and those around you , it may be challenging , and we will “oscillate ” from time to time of course , but your external reality will eventually mirror your core resonance your home frequency as Penney says … it’s physics.

Attention is more about simply “being” in the moment and “allowing ” higher self , universe , to work out the details, the logistics , from it’s more expanded perspective , while intention is a more goal oriented , agenda driven.


Check out the books below by Penney Peirce !


Join me for Part 2 as we go deeper into the Brilliance that is Penney Peirce and explore the practical application of her “State of Being ” !


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