AH Guest Writer : The Grand Awakening Part .2

Guest Article By:  Dr. Gary Michael Vasey

While there are many reasons for knowing thyself one very good reason might be that the way you ‘see’ the world – or filter the world – has a very big role to play in how you see reality.

As a rather simplistic example, if I believe that everything is a conspiracy then I will see conspiracy everywhere. Knowing thyself is also about breaking down and ridding yourself of all the conditioning and programming that makes you ‘see’ reality a certain way and in ‘seeing’ or observing reality like that you essentially create reality that way.

You must attempt to break down and discard these lenses that you inherited.

Finally came quantum physics and, in particular, the concept that in order for something to exist it must be observed. The observer is the magician and collapses the wave function to create reality. Perhaps this happens at the quantum level within the brain itself where perhaps consciousness also exists?

The key thing is that when you start to put all of this together, we must come to a startling conclusion and that is that we create our own reality. In my novel, The Last Observer, where I explore this concept somewhat and in particular, this conversation between Edward and Stanley captures a good deal of my thinking;

Excerpt Below from “The Last Observer “
Edward shifted in his seat as if to find a more comfortable position and rubbed his chin with his hand, his eyes staring into space as if struggling to find the right combination of words.

“Magic is said by some to be the art of causing changes through the application of will.” He said after a short while. “For me, I think there are actually two forms of magic. The first is where the practitioner attempts to change himself and in doing so changes the way that they perceive their reality.

You probably now understand that by changing your perception of reality you are, in fact, actually changing reality?” But Edward didn’t stop for an answer to his rhetorical question but rather proceeded to explain, “The other form of magic is physical magic in which the Magician actually attempts to willfully co-create reality.”

Stanley listened carefully while studying Edward’s expression looking for any hint that he might be pulling his leg but all he saw was Edward’s sincerity. He thought for a moment. He could he supposed give some credence to the first type of magic as it was in a sense akin to self-psychology and positive thinking and he had read quite a few books in that vein but physical magic. Now that was Harry Potteresque wasn’t it?

“The first thing a good Magician needs to do, amongst other skills, is to know himself. To dissect himself bit by bit, the good, the bad and the ugly. He has to know who he is and why he is. This is achieved through various forms of meditation and reflection, which, by the way, is another skill the magician needs to learn.

By understanding himself, he can begin the Great Work of turning the inner lead into inner gold. In doing so, he is liable to discover that nothing, absolutely nothing is what it seems to be. It can be both a mentally and emotionally challenging experience to go through this process believe you me,” said Edward.

“As the process, which can take years, decades, entire lifetimes, is followed through with discipline, the magician will come to understand many truths and these truths come from within. He must learn them himself and can only be gently guided and taught certain techniques for it must be the magician himself that makes these realizations.”

Stanley was by now fascinated as much by Edward’s sudden utter sincerity and demeanor as he was by the content.
“If the student is lucky, he or she will discover the inner voice. I say voice but quite often, the inner self communicates not with words but with pictures – images.

Unless you have actually experienced it, it is very difficult to describe and it is one reason why old alchemical texts are indecipherable and use a lot of pictures or images and symbols. Only someone who has had similar experiences and realizations can actually grasp the meanings written in these old texts.” Edward went on.

“It’s where our business gets its reputation for silence and secrecy I think. It isn’t called Occult without good reason as that word simply means hidden. Now the vast majority of humanity never glimpses this inner occult world. Instead they live as if in a dream sort of living on automatic pilot guided by base emotions such as fear, greed, and anger and so on.”

Stanley interrupted. “So you are saying that the vast majority of people don’t really create reality but simply sustain it through their emotional reactions to it then?” End Of Excerpt

But here is the thing…. take the movies, take the books like those by Anthony Peake, hell even nonsense like The Secret, take the way people are these days interacting with virtual realities and surrounded by computing power, and you suddenly have to come to a conclusion… We are waking up to these ideas. It is coming at us from so many different and often unrelated angles but we are being bombarded with the fact that it is time to wake up. It will be a slow process because people need to learn about themselves, they need to recapture their imaginative faculties – they need to become as children again….. but it is the grand awakening.

Are you ready to wake up?

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