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For most of us on planet earth , the last few years have been challenging when it comes to “Money Matters “.  Even people who have always been considered ” Successful ” , which in colloquial terms means they are good at making money , are struggling.

The great economic engine that was once the United States and the world at large , is coughing , misfiring and in dire need of a rebuild , or more likely a replacement , although unless we start using better fuel ,  I’m not sure that would help .

Most of us have a love hate relationship with money , we love it when we have it , we hate when we don’t !  I would be willing to bet, (if I had the money) , that 90% of most arguments in close relationships are about money ,even if they don’t appear to be , if you dig a little deeper , you still may find that  money is the actual root cause.

Of course we have all been told Money is the Root to all evil , and it’s hard to look around the world today and disagree with that , and when you awaken to the way the world really works , and you follow the money , you will find that in fact , the money trail does lead to evil doers , those who seek to control , and manipulate the populace at large , the societal engineers have used money as a weapon , as a tool ,  and  it’s been going on for thousands of years.
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Well here we go again , approaching another deadline where we have to up the credit card limit so we can borrow more money to pay the interest on the money we already borrowed , or something like that , after a while it makes your head spin at the level of nonsense that is our financial markets.

It’s October 13 of 2013 , but you could substitute a number of different dates here , over the last 5 years , where we have been in this exact same situation over and over again like a broken record the same scripted lines are repeated , the same tactics are used , it’s like a rerun of a very bad B movie .

The actors change from time to time, some come back on the show after a while , recycled ,  kind of like a soap opera, and the drama continues , always in state of crisis , nothing gets resolved , what we call  “Governing By Crisis” ,or Problem , Reaction Solution , the Hegelian Dialectic.

Are we in the midst of a Financial Apocalypse , I certainly hope so , something has to give, something has to actually “change ” at some point , all the “signs” spell the end of  the Dollar supremacy , which is a good thing , but then what , will they just implement another fiat currency , controlled by the very same cabal , if that’s the case , what will have actually changed… all rhetorical questions of course.
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Well … after spending the last few day asking people to check their wallets , purses and stash  jars for cash  that is dated 2010 or later , no one has yet to find any.

So I am doing some further research , perusing the government sites to see  if perhaps it’s simply a matter of them holding back new currency for several years before releasing into the wild so to speak.

One thing I have found interesting here on the New York Fed Site , is the life span of the currency itself check it out.

“As shown in the table below, the life of a note varies according to its denomination. For example, a $1 bill, which gets the greatest use, remains in circulation an average of 21 months; a $100 bill lasts about 7.4 years.”

Hear in 2010 they talk about releasing the new $100 bill in 2011 ,  I have yet to see one past 2009 .

“There was approximately $1.19 trillion in circulation as of June 5, 2013, of which $1.15 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes.
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When I come across good videos for helping to educate the sheeple I will post them here so that you can share them with others.

And this is an excellent short video that really nails down the basics of the Corrupt banking system on this planet.

I don’t use the term sheeple with any arrogance or criticism , I too was once a sheeple , in fact we all were, until we opened our eyes and started to see things as they truly are.

But now it’s our time , it’s the Apoclaypse , and this process many of us are choosing to go through is a personal choice  .  Here at Apocalypse How I do not believe nor do I  resonate with promoting fear based theories or ideas about what will happen, there’s no real point in that .

But I have no problem discussing what has happened and what is happening right now. Becoming awake is not a passive endeavor, it is not something that just happens.

It stems from the desire to grow, to expand, to go beyond limitation, it takes responsibility , discipline, and hard work to discover the true nature of things.
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Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !

The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express, this has been the mantra of the alternative media and those that are awakening over the last couple of years.  The apocalypse is shining a blinding light on this organization of banksters.

Most of us never had never heard of the Federal Reserve until being introduced to it through the alternative media and Ron Paul with his HR 1207 which sought to audit this gang of money masters.

While HR 1207 pretty much failed to get us anywhere as far as a true audit it was wildly successful at bringing  attention to this private banking oligarchy that controls the creation of money and is at the tip of the pyramid of fractional reserve banking , the ultimate ponzi scheme.

The story behind the Federal Reserve is pivotal in the awakening process because it begins the unveiling process as to who is running the show on planet earth , and to answer that all one needs to do is follow the money. Not just who has the money , but who is actually in control of its creation .

Money is a form of alchemy , and those who create it  , know how to weld this power to control the masses  like no other form of control , it is unprecedented in its scope , it effects every human being in every country on earth.

And at the top of this giant ponzi scheme is the US Dollar and the Federal Reserve , the pinnacle of Ponzi.

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 , that should tell you something 13 being a favorite number of the so called illuminated ones and in the middle of the night on the mysterious Jekyll Island .

From that point on the United State no longer had control of her currency , the American Revolution had been fought for nothing we were again slaves to the money masters and by 1936 the United States was bankrupt and her citizens, the human population are now held as collateral for the debt owed to the banking oligarchy.

As of this writing we are in debt to the tune of trillions to this private banking oligarchy and their retail outlets such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan , Bank of America as well as off shore foreign banks through out the world.

As it stands Americans and their children for generations to come will never be able to pay this debt off, it is mathematically impossible. We are all bought and paid for under this system.

So here we are as of July 2011, the debt ceiling debate goes on, political theater at its best, more quantitative easing in the works for the US and most other countries around the world like Greece, Portugal,  Spain, the list goes on. The IMF salivating at the spoils that will be won in this battle for economic supremacy.

Perhaps world war 3 is human kind against the bankers, the ruling class , or whatever is behind them pulling the strings. An economic war that will leave billions poor or worse dead from starvation ,all  in a universe of infinite abundance. What a scam !

Yet we are stuck with this paradigm for now , but at least lets look at it face to face for what it truly is , pull you head out of the sand and get up off your knees and let me introduce to you the “Federal Reserve”.

One of best documentaries on this subject is the Zeitgeist Movie, The Federal Reserve , watch it and learn and be shocked by the madness that we are surrounded by.

Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !