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Apocalypse Earth

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One of the most important tools we have as “physical” beings is what we commonly refer to as Higher Self.

Its a rather vague term that gets thrown around a lot in the awakening arena and can have different meanings depending on your perspective.

As usual all I can do is share with you what it means to me , and you can see if it resonates with you as well.

In it’s simplest explanation it simply means your connection to “Being” , or “All That Is” , or “Infinite Consciousness” or your true self.

But what does it mean to tap into Higher Self  and how do you go about doing it. Well those are deeper questions.

The first thing to keep in mind , pun intended , is that physical mind is only designed to know what is happening , or what has happened, it has no capability to know what is going to happen.

Higher Self  however sits at the top of the mountain  it has a broad view, it can see the lakes , the forests, the  rivers , the valleys , it can see the bends in the rivers, it can see the fish in the  river , it can see the stones that lay at the river bottom and so on down to the atomic level .
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In part one of Channeling Higher Self we explored the idea that we are all channeling , it’s not some gift only a few have , we all have it , we are all doing it , other wise we wouldn’t even exist.

So the practical application in understanding the nature of channeling , is to get better at it, the better we are at channeling , the more we will get out of this experience we call life, the more abundance we can have in our physical  and spiritual realms.

Channeling is really about getting out of the way , think of  yourself as a conduit , open at both ends , on one end there is energy flowing in , this is receiving, at the other end there is energy flowing out , this is giving.

Anything that obstructs the conduit or blocks the flow of this “Channel” will create a state of  disharmony , or imbalance, the natural state of universe is balance , so any blockage will create all sorts of manifestations , what we generally refer to as fear, and all of its sub categories.
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In the past when someone mentioned channeling , images of crystal balls, seances and tarot cards might have come to mind , however as we grow in our awareness , what comes to mind now is simply “being”.

We are “ALL” channeling , yes each and every one one of us as Human beings are channeling source energy , its source energy that animates these little monkey suits we are wearing , I mean no offense to the monkeys , just having fun here.

There is growing legion of “channelers” out there , each with their own version of reality and what the truth is , if you find one that resonates with you then by all means enjoy it , learn from it if you can.

But… what ever you do , remember… it’s just information being pulled from “the information ” “the unified field ” ” the Akashic Records” what ever term you want to give “All That Is ” , and then it gets filtered , colored by the channel’s perspectives, beliefs, definitions and connotations.

And…yes … information can be filtered in what ever manner we choose, via our belief systems , our definitions and our connotation of said beliefs, in other words , no “thing”  really has any built in meaning , except that which we clothe it with, makes sense …right …since we are the creators of our reality !
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The OverSoul is a concept that gets talked about in the awakening discussion quite a bit now ,as we grow in awareness of “what ” we are.

As we increase our awareness about the Nature of Reality , the concept of  “who” we are becomes less important  , “who” is more of an aspect of personality, race, identity of ego, of physicality.

When we “really” start to experience reality beyond those polarized concepts, we naturally start asking the question , “What ” are we, and this is where things  really start to get interesting.

We are of course , from the greatest of perspectives,  simply , “all that is”.   Within “all that is” however there exists a process where  infinite consciousness creates , and within creation , we coalesce into various constructs.

These constructs can be called universes, dimensions, vibrational frequencies, beings, souls , personalities,along with the  infinite varieties of life forms, and all the building blocks of physicality or nature.

As human beings,  circa 2012 , planet earth , we are waking up to the fact that we are infinite consciousness playing the part of being human . That we are truly multi dimensional , fractals of all that is.

We are like a rose bush in the flower garden . The rose bush represents , the over soul, higher self ,  each branch of the bush would represent a time line, a theme , a given path.

Each rose that grows on a particular branch would be a probable self , a individualized being , experiencing that particular theme.

All of the roses that make up the bush are all  of the expression of the  over soul , and each over soul is then part of a greater structure , and the fractal nature goes on and on, this is “what” we are .

There is no “end” to us , as we grow in awareness we are simply discovering more of ourselves , more of what we are. This is the unknown , this is the discovery , or re discovering of what we are.

We have purposely stepped down our awareness like a transformer steps down power , we have purposely become more fractionalized , until , all that is , finds it self in a situation where it is completely unaware of its origins, it simply knows it exists, and that’s about it  , this is typical of the “Human Condition”.

However even though we are a fractal of all that is , each of us contains the whole , this is the holographic nature of the universe, right now , here in this moment we can experience all that is , the cosmos , the universe , becasue we are those things.

Within each of the individualized personalities, or roses to continue the  metaphor, there appears to be separation from  source, although we know it’s an illusion becasue we are still alive, we are still finding nourishment through the roots, the branches, the soil everything that sustains us , even though we have no clue how to explain it.

I will let Bashar cut in here now and give you his unique perspective on the concept of the OverSoul, or construct that we call the over soul. As usual there are few voices that can take these concepts and make them understandable with our limited language. Bashar is a master at articulating  these multi dimensional realities.

Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !