Apocalypse How: Channeling Higher Self Part .2

In part one of Channeling Higher Self we explored the idea that we are all channeling , it’s not some gift only a few have , we all have it , we are all doing it , other wise we wouldn’t even exist.

So the practical application in understanding the nature of channeling , is to get better at it, the better we are at channeling , the more we will get out of this experience we call life, the more abundance we can have in our physical  and spiritual realms.

Channeling is really about getting out of the way , think of  yourself as a conduit , open at both ends , on one end there is energy flowing in , this is receiving, at the other end there is energy flowing out , this is giving.

Anything that obstructs the conduit or blocks the flow of this “Channel” will create a state of  disharmony , or imbalance, the natural state of universe is balance , so any blockage will create all sorts of manifestations , what we generally refer to as fear, and all of its sub categories.

Fear is there to alert us that we are out of alignment with our core beliefs , our true nature , our authentic self , it’s there to alert us of these blockages , the baggage that we carry around with us in the form of  beliefs that no longer serve us  and definitions that do not empower us.

There are very few people walking around this planet as clear channels , most are lost in the dream of physicality and are filtering  the energy passing through “their conduit”  with all sorts of  fear based energies and then projecting that garbage out into the collective and this is why the world is the way it is, its an individual and a collective psychosis of  soul, or conduit in this analogy, what some call Wetiko .

The energy coming into the conduit is neutral , it’s source energy, to do with , what ever we choose , so, as you can see becoming a clear channel and allowing it to pass through us with as little filtering as possible is the goal in becoming a better “channel” or conduit for infinite consciousness.

And of course this is where simple physics kicks in , a clear channel , or conduit to use an electrical term , can carry a lot more energy than one that is blocked or compromised in any way, and the more source energy that we can carry , the more expanded we become , and the more expanded we become , the more higher self can come though and works it’s magic.

And what is that magic ?   What is the practical,  day to day benefit from learning to become a better channel  of higher self ?  In part 3 of channeling Higher Self we will explore the physical  and spiritual benefits of getting better at channeling.

Higher Self  conceives , Physical Self perceives !

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