Apocalypse How: Channeling Higher Self Part .1

In the past when someone mentioned channeling , images of crystal balls, seances and tarot cards might have come to mind , however as we grow in our awareness , what comes to mind now is simply “being”.

We are “ALL” channeling , yes each and every one one of us as Human beings are channeling source energy , its source energy that animates these little monkey suits we are wearing , I mean no offense to the monkeys , just having fun here.

There is growing legion of “channelers” out there , each with their own version of reality and what the truth is , if you find one that resonates with you then by all means enjoy it , learn from it if you can.

But… what ever you do , remember… it’s just information being pulled from “the information ” “the unified field ” ” the Akashic Records” what ever term you want to give “All That Is ” , and then it gets filtered , colored by the channel’s perspectives, beliefs, definitions and connotations.

And…yes … information can be filtered in what ever manner we choose, via our belief systems , our definitions and our connotation of said beliefs, in other words , no “thing”  really has any built in meaning , except that which we clothe it with, makes sense …right …since we are the creators of our reality !

Since we are “ALL” channeling , then the next logical conclusion is that we can decide what we wan to channel , or put another way , how much source energy we want to channel , a little bit , or a whole lot , its up to us. A little bit and your likely to be mostly asleep during this dream “we call ” waking reality.

A whole lot … and your experience here on planet earth will be vastly different and here is why.

The more you can learn , or allow yourself to channel higher self , the greater your awareness becomes, you become more expanded, more encompassing , you become more of who and what you are.

This is why I suggest that Channeling of all types is really just the ability to tap into your higher self , or perhaps a better term is your more expanded self.

So if you are a channel that is channeling a being from another planet , that is in the future, then it simply means that you are also connected to that being from that  planet from that future, perhaps another reincarnation of yourself, another probable self, another aspect of self , the Over soul,  because in reality , there is no separate beings, there is really only one being , that has fragmented itself for the purpose experiential exploration, growth …and just plain fun !

I mean what else does something that is infinite do for fun , we’re it !

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