Extraterrestrial Life: The Pleiadians

I started the Extraterrestrial section of the site to explore the most common names we have given the various species of consciousness that we “humans” love to talk about.

In the first article  we talked about the “Greys” , the most commonly acknowledged image of what an alien would look like , this has been engrained in our consciousness now for many years starting with  Whitley Strieber’s book communion .

So here we are now,  circa 2014,  and most of us have a vastly different perspective about what we call Extraterrestrials.

The topic here is The Pleiadians, I am certainly no expert on this subject, in fact until recently,  say the last year or so , they were never even on my radar at all, until I started having my own inner experiences where this name kept creeping into my consciousness.

As you start digging into the subject you will find many people all over the world from  ancient cultures like Egypt , to tribes of North American Indians , even the person in the next cubicle at work claim they come from the Pleiades Star Cluster.

Which is fine with me , I mean we all come from somewhere , it only makes sense, earth is only 4 billion years old, and we are infinite beings, so its not like this was our only gig or anything.

So what do these Pleiadians look like ?  Well this is where things get interesting, do they basically look like us , or perhaps we look like them, or maybe they don’t even inhabit physical bodies.

My feeling is that we have some Pleiadian DNA in us , as well a few other races like the Annunaki for example.  Bashar says we have DNA from 7 different races, which I find very interesting,  when you think about Astrotheology and the number 7.

This is the way the universe works though , everything is connected , intertwined, holographic, its absolutely “Brilliant”.

So I started to do some research recently on the whole Pleiadian concept , connection,  if you will, and immediately I found incredible resonance with the information I was getting , both inwardly and outwardly as it reflected back to me.

Of course from the persepctive of infinite consciousness , the Pleiadians are just another way the universe gets to explore itself , gets to personify itself.  But there is a story behind it , there is play , a drama , and its absolutely amazing.

I have no idea what information is valid or not valid , who is really Pleiadian or not, all I really know is that the information coming from them is empowering, uplifting, loving , which is beneficial in furthering our awakening process. And that’s good enough for me.

Many of you may be familiar with all of the Pleiadian stories like that of  Billy Meier in Switzerland and of  Barbara Marciniak who has channeled the Pleiadian message for decades and has wrote several books on the subject.

And now there are people popping up everywhere telling us about the Human/Pleiadian connection , they do seem to be a lot more talkative than the Greys or the Annunaki , don’t hear about any body channeling them too much.

Below is a video from Wendy Kennedy channeling the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, wow quite a mouth full there , but honestly I started to listen to her and I found the information not only fascinating but  incredibly familiar.

Here is a Pleiadian Message from 2012, where we get a pretty broad story about the purpose of the Pleiadians as way showers for the Apocalypse or awakening, interesting stuff.

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