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Are you Excited about Collapse ?
When ” I ” talk about “Collapse”  … I’m not talking about the collapse of society as a whole  , or end times , or the end of the world , that is all more “Utter Nonsense ” at least for me .

That’s not what I want … and suffering and hardship is not in resonance with my core vibration…in other words ,  it’s not the world I want to be part of Co Creating … I’m not into  the doom and gloom paradigm , that many sites , media , movies  and people seem to be in love with , there is nothing particularly productive about sitting around and talking about how bad things are gonna get, unless of course you are “trying ” to create a reality for yourself where things get really bad , then of course it’s very productive.

And that’s fine , as long as your aware that you are creating it , at least take responsibility , own it !

When I talk of Collapse I am talking about something that is very positive , and yes very exciting !

And why might you ask is this so exciting … well because Collapse and signs of Collapse let me know that I am shifting , and as I shift to “versions” of reality , versions of earth , that are more in resonance with my highest joys and excitement , what I will see reflected back to me , what I will see in the mirror , of the world “out there” ,  will become more representative of what I believe , more representative of my new found definitions.
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Here we go again , over the Fiscal Cliff.  Does anybody even know where this cliff is ?  I haven’t actually seen  it ,have you ? In fact it’s starting to sound like someone crying wolf.

Over and over gain we are told we are going over this illusory cliff.

But here we are trillions of dollars later , and still no cliff, the central banks just keep creating more money out of nothing ,  with the click of a mouse, and the beat goes on.

This is classic Problem Reaction Solution, the Hegelian Dialectic in action again.

The problem , the scary Fiscal Cliff .

The reaction , run for the hills , modern civilization is about to crumble, no more Ipads !

The solution we need to raise your taxes !

This is the purpose of the Fiscal Cliff , the obvious psychological operation that is now playing at theaters near you, in this case, United States planet earth .
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The economic news lately is like watching  a heart beat monitor, it goes up it goes down.  It actually quite comical, I can’t imagine anyone actually buying into it , its a compete farce.

It seems every week we are on the verge of collapse , only to be saved by another round of  bail out funds from the central banks , or some made up economic data that shows we are on the road to a recovery.

In reality we seem to be just standing still , no real economic growth, no real solutions , just the same old tired stories of collapse and recovery , on and on it goes.

It’s a challenging situation for most of us, the uncertainty of our economic futures seems bleak , I have empathy for the people on social security , and fixed incomes, as we see inflation rearing its ugly head at an even more accelerated pace.

No one is immune, the middle class is under tremendous strain, as we carry the burden , taxed into oblivion. The only advice I have is try and just take it one day at a time , that’s the only way most of us can cope with these circumstances.

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So what will the rest of 2012 look like now that we are roughly half way through the year ?  In Part 1 we talked about shifting to a slightly more positive vibrational frequency as we move forward.

Does that mean outer circumstances will look like they are improving ?  Will the Economy around the world start to get better ?  Will the war mongers slowly start scaling down their war for profit campaigns in the middle east ?

Will the Power Elite Start using their stolen resources to better human existence ? Such as allowing cleaner technologies to emerge so that we can start to head in the direction of sustainable and healthy living for humans and the planet as well ?

These are all good questions that most of the awakening population is asking.   The answer of course, is no one can really know exactly how it will all play out. The future is simply the bow wave of the eternal moment , so its always in a constant state of flux.
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As we approach the Transit of Venus , June 5th  in the middle of the year 2012, we are shifting into and through  the most talked about year for  most of us in our lifetimes.

So much is supposed to happen, so much is happening. For many of us just a few years ago , if you would have asked us , what do we think is going to happen in 2012 , we would have shrugged our head , not knowing , wondering what are they talking about , it’s just another year , in the future.

And then suddenly something happened , for many of us it was around the fall of 2008 , a major shift occurred in consciousness, for many it was in the form of the awakening dream, which in a sense ushered in the awakening from the dream, what we think of as waking reality.
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Well the Slow Motion Train wreck that is the Global economy is still ticking. Of course we have all been hearing that the global economy is collapsing , while at the same time being told that it is recovering.

Talk about polarized consciousness. Its enough to make your head spin. So its best to not think about it if you can help it. The amount of insanity that is rampant on the planet right now in our economic systems makes it difficult to know what is real and what is illusion.

For many people , it doesn’t really matter anyway, they are just living one day at a time trying to make ends meet.  Its like a big game of Global Monopoly, except most people don’t get to  pass go or collect $200.

The reality is , the current economic system as it stands is dead, broke , the days of the private banking system can no longer survive in the new paradigm, becasue it does not serve the people, that would be us.

The Central banks are  a polarizing force , and what we want and what we need is a unifying force, a banking system for the people by the people. At least in the short term this is what needs to happen for us to start to forge new economic systems.

Some say Iceland is the template for what needs to happen globally. We shall see , it appears we have a long way to go , although great changes do not happen over night, at this point we are still in the midst of this collapse.

And this is actually a good thing, the slow motion aspect of the collapse is giving us time to figure out what we want , what changes we need to make , and ultimately how to go about implementing those changes.

It not going to be easy , obviously, the casualties are already stacking up , in the form of  foreclosed homes , lost nest eggs, retirement plans, job losses ,  and in some parts of the world , starvation and death, this is a major paradigm shift, not all will make it out alive, but it has to happen , again creative destruction.

Of course universe is self organizing which means that until we have in place a replacement for the old system we are still tied to it. It’s a bit like a being stuck in a bad relationship , you know its not good for you , but your afraid to move on , out of fear of being alone.

It’s only when you are so down and out , and you hit rock bottom , you finally just let go , and slowly , you move on.  This is what needs to happen to humanity, we need to redefine our concepts of abundance and worth. Some day in the future one would hope that a person’s worth is not described in dollar amounts, but until then we will have to muddle through it.

The good news in all of this , is that at least we have begun the process , the collapse is upon us and the universe , “that would be us” is sorting it all out.  There is potential for more birthing pains as we make our way through the process, or birth canal.

I feel the best strategy for getting through this process goes back to the basics and remember , take it one day at time, and better yet one moment at a time. Always remember that circumstance don’t matter , empirically anyway , we are infinite beings, we are all going to make it , no matter how bad it may get.

State of  Being is the only true reality, universe will support and mirror you state of being to the best of its ability , so monitor your state of being , and to the best of your ability live from the heart, live from love , which is beyond economic conditions, beyond physicality.

In the video below Ian Crane talks about the global economic monopoly that is currently in power.

Below Max and Stacey do a brilliant job of summarizing the current state of economic affairs on planet earth.

We have been talking about “Economic Collapse” for a while now. The economy has been “The Topic” around the dinner table for many of us , because most of us are struggling economically.

The last few years have been an emotional roller coaster for most of  us, not knowing what to do , how to survive , and what is next.

Of course we have the main stream,  corporate controlled media,  telling us that everything is getting better, and that we have been working our way out of a recession since 2010.

So here it is,  the spring of 2012 , and it just seems like a repeat of last year, rising oil and gas prices, no economic growth to speak of and the same old saber rattling , money printing  and bipartisan politics or theater as I like to call it.

So I have quietly  surrendered , I have no idea what’s going to happen , do I think we are facing economic collapse , one would think so given the state of affairs, although here we are , still plugging along , no end in sight, can you say QE3 please.

I still see the “Collapse Proponents” out there,  making their pleas and pointing their fingers and all of them making excellent points and observations , yet here we are , still plugging along.

I’ve lost track of how many times Greece and the other Euro counties have been bailed out, I have lost track of how many times I’ve seen the Greece riot dog roaming the streets, yet we just keep plugging along.

I guess I’m not so convinced anymore we are on the brink of disaster, which means , of course , since everything is simply a reflection, that we may have averted disaster, well at least this time-line I am on anyway, and if your reading this , then it might also include you, for now , anyway.

So how did we / I get here , how did we / I avert disaster. Well for me it meant “Surrendering”.  I would always rather be Happy than right, and I feel there may be others who feel the same way.

Conversely there those who would prefer to hold on to the “Economic Collapse Program” , because they predicted it,  they knew it was coming, and they have invested years  spreading the word, and for many it became a career, you know who I am talking about.

And I thank them , and their contribution in helping to shine the light in all the dark corners.  However,  for most of us we are still just wondering what next.

What can we do , this is always the question, what can we do to help change the course , away from “Economic Collapse”.  Well I’m not sure how , but I would say we are “Doing it” , because here it is 2012 , and guess what , still no economic collapse.

I know , I know , its going to happen next year , or next month , this fall , or this winter , I have heard it all before ad nausea and yet we’re still here , yes we have all taken our losses, some more than others and not all have been financial.

I believe most of us are stronger for it , we have persevered , we have over come adversity and found ourselves , not lacking at all , in fact many of us are finding ourselves , again , we are re-discovering who we are , now that the game of making money and careers has lost much of its luster.

So I say we toss the “Economic Collapse ” Program , it had its purpose , and lets explore other ways in which we can experience abundance. Lets explore other ways that we can experience our highest joys , lets start to listen to our higher selves and allow that voice that comes from the heart to guide us.

One of the key points is to expand our definition of  “Abundance” beyond money. The other key point , is to realize until we change our state of being , we cannot experience a version of reality we are not in alignment with .

Remember we cannot solve a problem within the same state of being that the problem was created in in , I think this may be simple physics.

We need to use our imaginations and explore new ways of manifesting in these challenging, incredible , exciting times we live in, and with out any fear of lack of abundance or support.

Remember we cannot perceive that , which we are not the vibration of.