Apocalypse How: UBUNTU Contributionism


During this Apocalypse we are unveiling the illusions, we are having revelations , we are turning on the lights in the room , and we are getting glimpses of who and what we are , and where we have come from , our real history , not the one we are taught in school , what I would call the “Children’s ” version.

The children’s version documents the outer historical events and tells a nice story where good overcomes evil , however , for most of us who have taken the time to ” look ” we can see right through the lies ,and we are now , deep in the process,  of mapping out what many refer to as an ” Alternative History ” .

And  this alternative history is showing  us that the  universe , the world,  is a far stranger,  more exciting and interesting place, than anything we could have ever imagined. While there are a lot of voices out there discussing these matters , at some point we have to move beyond that and into the realm of solutions to our ” Current Predicaments “.

One aspect of our society , arguably the most important  is something we now call the economy , money, banking , this construct is at the epicenter of our problems on this planet, which is why it’s important we understand how we got here and what we prefer it to be so that when the current system collapses we have something in place.

Which is why I find it refreshing that one of the voices that has contributed so much to exploring alternative history is also exploring solutions to our corrupted banking and monetary systems , and that voice is Michael Tellinger.

Michael has founded a movement he calls UBUNTU Contributionism , it would be along the lines of a human resource based economic system , something that would replace money , which ,  in it’s current form , is yes ,  simply a form of energy , unfortunately it  is also easily manipulated, by those that do not ” Contribute ” anything to society and through greed and corruption cause  pain, suffering , death and wars , of course this is all reflection of the quality of consciousness that exists currently on our planet , and from a greater perspective we are all accountable , culpable , to some degree .

In other words , we can’t blame the system itself , however,  we want to work together  with those of a higher caliber , of a higher quality of consciousness and co create a new system , a new collective and shift to that ,  so we can simply eclipse those that do not want to participate , it’s not about fixing the systems we have, you cant find a solution in the mindset of where the problem was created .

So its interesting to watch someone who has put together a fairly accurate alternative history timeline , that explains why the world is the way it is and then offers ideas on possible solutions , we will hopefully see more of this as we move beyond simply identifying the problems and those who have creative them and move towards resolving them , it’s a process though and we are really ” just ” getting started.

Michael’s work centers around the idea that the human race was created by a master race hundreds of thousands of years ago , this master race needed  an intelligent , skillful , worker or slave race to do much of  the heavy lifting , the hard ,  physical labor for their mining operations.

Over time , through genetic manipulation or perhaps inbreeding between the master and the slave race , a hybrid human was created , and this hybrid bloodline , eventually led to to the original “Blue Bloods” , what we would call royalty today , these would be the kings and queens of the world.

These Bloodlines who were appointed and chosen  by the so called “Gods” to rule over man , and is where the idea of “Divine Right To Rule “ came from  , and here we are , thousands of years later , and that same system is still in place , although it’s very cleverly hidden from view.

All of what we  call man’s civilizations , or empires ,  were essentially based and are under the guidance of these societal engineers, in a sense human beings have been farmed from this perspective , so while the outer wrapping may appear different , there really is no difference as far as who is in control and manipulating from behind the curtain as far back as  Atlantis and much further , to the more recent Sumerian, Babylonian , Egyptian , Roman , British and now American Empire.

Now these Hybrid Bloodlines , because they were of high intelligence compared to their lesser genetically challenged brethren essentially created these systems , the civilization we have today , with our mathematics , language , architecture, we were all born into these systems , there is very little about us in that sense that is “Original ” .

The concept of money according to Michael was originally designed as a control mechanism , and those in charge of the money system , what some call the money masters , were of course of these bloodlines , for the purpose of remaining in control.

This is the basic premise , very simplified , leaving out all detail, ( you can watch some of  Michael’s videos below for more insight) but it gives you the basic premise for why the world is the way it is today , we are still under that system , decisions that effect the life of billions including the health of our planet are made by these same bloodline families , what are commonly referred  today as the “Ruling Elite”.

Now , because the hybrid humans are not entirely “Human ” so to speak they lack some of the more important attributes of humanity , such as empathy and compassion, which allows them the advantage of having no conscience , or morality , which gives them a distinct tactical advantage over the masses who feel obligated to follow their conscience , or  Con-Science … yeah …it’s a con game.

So while most of us wouldn’t think of hurting someone else or imposing our will on others as individuals , we have been indoctrinated into believing that it’s perfectly acceptable for governments or the authorities to do just that, war and killing are even romanticized in today western culture.

However now is the time to move on as we say , from what has happened , we have some ideas to work with  , we may have some details wrong , no one has it all perfect , we each have a  part of the story , we are each a part of the story , and the work Michael has done has contributed to putting more pieces of the  puzzle together.

We do have enough pieces now to get the general idea though , our monetary system is not working , it’s not serving the individual or the collective any longer , it was useful , it got us this far , and we thank all of those involved for playing their parts in the cosmic drama of  life here on earth , but we are ready now for the next step , we have evolved beyond being slaves , being manipulated , consciousness has evolved , we have come from a place of incredible limitation and we are ready to move back into the light.

So from a greater perspective everything went entirely as universe or all that is had planned, a more advanced race , a more advanced consciousness , played its part in creating a construct , a framework , where consciousness could explore incredible limitation , learn and grow from it and share that with the rest of universe , and this is Michael’s persepctive from what I can tell , which is why there is resonance for me in his work , he is not going around just blaming someone else for all of our woes and expecting to be saved !

He understands the larger picture , he understands that it is all part of a much greater tapestry of creation, its not simply about those evil Ruling Elite , we must get them , he understands that they are us and we are them and “WE” have to make the changes now in our society , in our systems, we have to choose what we prefer and start implementing them now , discussing them now , so that when the old systems do collapse we have new ones to replace them , this is the Evolution OF Consciousness ” !

So… is the next evolution of money going to be more along the lines of a barter system , where you barter your skills and talents and your personal resources with others , perhaps,  it may be part of  a solution, along with other things , like Bit Coin type currencies that are popping up , as we explore ways to eclipse the current system as it crumbles due to it’s lack of integrity.

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