In our discussion of the Awakening Process we have talked about the various hierarchies that exist on planet earth and the way they manipulate human society.

The social engineers use incrementalism as the preferred methodology when carrying out their plans for human evolution.

Sometimes they do escalate things to a faster pace when they want unprecedented change in a short period of time, think world wars and economic depressions , and false flag terrorism events in the last century and you get the idea.

So part of the awakening process is about identifying these control mechanisms becasue its very important that we understand why the world operates as it does and who is behind the wheel so to speak, becasue once you start to see the larger picture it will prevent you from getting caught up in the divide and conquer schemes that are so prevalent and work so well to keep us in the dark.

Once you do start to see the “Big Picture” it is very important that you understand that the awakening process is not about who is to blame for the fear based paradigm that exists , it is simply about understanding the way the system works so that you can side step it, you can be in the world but not of it.

Within the awakening community and the  researchers and voices out there , you will come across an energy that is very intent on who is to blame and and who we need to “Go After” to resolve the corruption and greed that has ransacked humanity’s potential for greatness.
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Events seem to be heating up as the sun became more active recently and there is anger and frustration in the streets all over the world. They say ” The Truth Will Set you Free , But first it will really piss you off ” and to a certain extent that is true as we can see it all around us.

The Apocalypse can be likened to a light in a dark room slowly being turned up , increasing in luminescence, at first you can barley see anything , as it gets brighter you start so see the walls of the room , the structure . As the light increases you can start to see the dirt on the walls and in the corner.  Its been there all along but now you can actually  “See it” .

This dirt  you see is the way the world really works behind closed doors  , in conference rooms , and behind the veil of illusion we call modern civilized society.  As the light illuminates the nooks and crannies of this reality we can start to what is there and it can be pretty repulsive and a bit frightening to the uninitiated.

In the early stages of awakening you start see the corruption and the conspiracy that is rampant in our Political , Social and Economic systems, this is evil made manifest , the dirt in the cracks of humanity.

Once aware of this insanity you start to ask where is it coming from , who is in control of this madness and why does it seem to be escalating.  This is where your trip down the rabbit hole begins and its not for the faint of heart or those that are are afraid of loosing their sense of  security.

This is where the newly awakened  sometimes shut down and poke their head back in the sand , or some will go a bit insane for a while like the crazy homeless man in the street ranting and raving  to anyone who will listen to his stories of conspiracy.
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